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  • We we should. :] If I did go to gigs I'd probaly be for friendlies, don't have much money now haha. :]
    Oh I see man, yeah you like playing against Doc? : D Man I'm so itching for tons of melee, haha. Its so hard to play other people with Doc, but I'm gonna keep trying, cuz I love the doc haha.
    Oh Man, I see. i probaly won't be there, I'm only interested in melee, and I also don't have much money left. Might just do Florida gaming and maybe another tourny for now, thats about it. I don't work : [

    But, any chance to play ya again would be nice. : D
    Oh I see. xD Well, hope to play you again some time, you going to Florida Gaming? :]
    Yo! Your Falco was too good, can't wait to play you again. Man why do you do that no contest thing mang. :[

    Btw: I was the pink doc. : D
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