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    Q&A Game and Watch Q&A Thread

    Trust us. We are busy setting up the World Dominanting order of the 2D-Titans. At some point, when the Watchman seems forgotten, we will rise. We have gathered at secret bases to study every option and abuse we have, to finally overcome the shadows and step into the Multidimensional Space...
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    I would disagree on the "grabs arent useful" thing. Grabs are great, the problem is getting them. Dthrow can set up techchases, chaingrabs, aerial finishers, it launches Juggles. I wouldnt count that as bad. The other grabs are not as good, but they still all have mixup-potential, notably...
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    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    While i am absolutely with you on the opinion that Peach > Falcon, these two reasons are stupid. The Downsmash can deal up to 60%, but should basically never do so. This is like saying Marths Shieldbreaker is good, because if fully charged and Tippered, then it breaks shields instantly. Yes its...
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    RIP in peace my sweet sweet Low Tier

    No worries plunder, we will keep our 2-D flags high in the Wind, and keep on the spirit of the Game&Watchmen. Its always a hard choice to make, switching from one main to another. The spirits of your brothers are still with you, even through characters...
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    How Did You find a Main in Melee?

    Originally played Game-and-Watch as a casual. When i first came into competetive, i used Marth mostly. But i never really considered him a true main, because i considered him my learning character. He was the character that i wanted to learn ATs and spacing with, and then decide on a main. I...
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    Ftilt might be good, but frame 14 (iirc) is too slow most of the time. Dashattack is really good for clanking, it clanks (f.x.) with Marth Fsmash and Peach Dsmash, allowing you to habe frame advantage. If you search for it, there is a really good Kadano video on that. (melee mechanics)
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    Media Combo Vid Compilation (286 Videos)

    This list lacks Qerbs combo video. Here it is.
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    G&W, underrated or bad?

    Agreed in both points. Considering you also have easy chaingrabs on Falcon from 0-30 and from 60-kill, and your Nair is amazing for edgeguards (and edgeguard setups), i would give it even. Marth vs. GW is a super hard matchup, because, as you already said, Marth basically does the same things...
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    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    So, i wanted to update my Dolphin to the Native support off the GC-adapter, but i cant find the right dolphin versions. I need the Winx86 builds, and anything past 4.02 i find is only x64, linux or iOS. can someone help me?
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    G&W's Dair...

    Although i agree with Game-and-Watches Dair being amazing, i'd say it is subpar to Fair and maybe even Nair. That is because of one single fact. Dair's Hitbox goes in a direction, where it is very situational. Downwards. In general, ground game in melee is superior to air-game, and juggles are...
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    G&W Skype Group Chat

    Could someone add me to the GW-Skype group as well (if there is one). Its "Parttimenoob" on skype as well
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    Any project m players in Germany?

    Well, NRW is a really active region in general, but i dont know about PM. Bit what i do know is, that you might have to look on "" for all the german info. Its our own main site where every tournament and SF is announced.
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    Ramstein AB/KMC Area - Germany

    Honestly, i dont think most of the Germans aren't on Smashboards a lot. I Myself am just here once in a while, and i was lucky seeing your Post. We have a German forum too, which is more frequently used by the Germans. you find it at:
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    Questions about dolphin

    That doesn't really Help me. I get this exact screen, only with a .txt instead of.ini .I presume that this makes a difference? Because everytime i try to save it into the Game Settings, it fails, and i go back to having no cheats activated but the ones that were in this files version before (it...
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    Questions about dolphin

    Thanks for the Quick and informative answer Kadano. I still have a problem though. I now know where to Import the codes, but how do i enable the thing that makes it [Gecko]-codes. I just copy them into the document that opens when i click the "edit config". As soon as i leave the Textwindow to...