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  • oi jamie what's upppppp

    guess who I am, the only kirby main in all of modestooooooo represent *****!
    yes, and my aim is minifumi359, but dont message me until thursday because im on vacation in colombia right now, but i return to sandiego wedsenday night
    o lol, ya fumi was my yoshi inspiration, but then i just copied fumis yoshi, i literally copied everything. so i went to a tournament and i entered as santi but when everyone saw my yoshi play they noticed that i play exactly like fumi, so they gave me the nickname LittleFumi and thats y it says littlefumi for my name, and fumi was my inspiration for a long time but after 2 years of non stop yoshi training i would say i became fumis level, but u probably dont believe that i became as good as fumi which is y when i make my videos i will show them to u =).
    hey do u play yoshi well in melee? and y would u rather play park than fumi? in my opinion i think fumi is much better than park
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