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Recent content by Pacific Fun

  1. Pacific Fun

    The Tomb Raider: Lara Croft's Manor

    I still cannot believe Lara Croft is not mentioned in newcomer prediction lists at all. She is literally the most iconic female video game character and should be in Smash. They are so close to having all the console war characters in one game. Just put her in there.
  2. Pacific Fun

    The Tomb Raider: Lara Croft's Manor

    I do feel as if Lara is the last icon yet to be in Smash.
  3. Pacific Fun

    I want Lara Croft In Smash Ultimate

    This is a game where :ultmario::ultsonic::ultpacman::ultmegaman::ultryu::ultsnake::ultcloud::ultbayonetta: can beat the living hell out of each other. Now besides Bayonetta, I feel like one character is missing from this group and It's Lara Croft. She was one of the most popular video game...
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