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Recent content by P D

  1. P D

    Tips against Captain Falcon?

    abel from kaillera?
  2. P D

    New Project64k Core 2.2

    mupen sux unless you're playin mario party 2
  3. P D

    Gameshark Code Collection

    Does anyone have the multiplayer single player code? Or does anyone even remember what I'm talking about? It allowed you to have player 1 play a regular 1p mode but the cpu's in slot 2-4 would be controlled by human(s). on the first stage for example you would fight a human player 2 who...
  4. P D

    Streaming Smash 64

    you can get away with streaming at 2mb up especially on smash 64. if you're lagging your game you need to play with the settings on OBS
  5. P D

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    Thanks again for this thread. absolutely love it and appreciate your hard work. I'm very curious on the marth v falco match up. I'm curious on the best way to deal with campy falco lasers. specifially the frame windows to Wavedash OoS. and also what's the best follow up on sheild for marth when...
  6. P D

    Super Smash Con 64 Results Thread

  7. P D

    Revival of 64 in the Midwest

    i never understood this dank meme
  8. P D

    Revival of 64 in the Midwest

    I appreciate the effort you've put into this! A friend started up an "official" midwest smash 64 page that you should check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/1585390108357984/ I'm from Minnesota so i will be attending and hope to see plenty of people at the UMN tourney!
  9. P D

    Anther's ladder smash 64. Join plz!

    if the emulator could be integrated into the actually site it would be great otherwise pretty pointless
  10. P D

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    What's the best way to deal with falco's neutral game? best way to cover mid knock back illusion recoveries? How should I DI in a falco pillar combo? I always DI away but i never move out of range or move barely at all.
  11. P D

    Looking for an online training partner

    yeah you got me im zenyore and not PD. ha
  12. P D

    Looking for an online training partner

    depending on my summer plans, i'll train with ya
  13. P D

    Smash 64 Tourney, MN, S St. Paul

    ye, i'll be there
  14. P D

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    thanks for the link. I remember reading somewhere that not every input can interrupt Interruptible frames. is that untrue? would be great if you could clarify. also im confused by this "tutorial" on it https://youtu.be/HfuVQN5cwy0?t=1m1s
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