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  • mate did you get my PM, what time can you play for the pokemon tourney? Anyway im going to leave shoddy open all night, I'm Bowser0007 so PM me on shoddy when your on and i will check the computer every 15 mins.
    I'd like to battle. But just to be sure you know this, I play by these rules.
    *3-6 Pokemon Lv. 100
    *single or double battle(I prefer double)
    *glitch pokemon will not be tollerated(Action Replay pokemon are acceptable)
    Just to be sure about time PM me saying how many pokemon, single or double, and what time you posted so I can conpare it to my time zone.
    It is precisely8:43:20 P.M.
    sorry if I can't battle today, but my family decided to go do something
    It's still gonna happen, WiFi Wars should be up within the next day. Please, whatever you do, don't leave the site. A lot of **** is happening there, and we don't need to love Pokemon trainers.
    sorry, id like to but I dont have wifi right now, maybe on wednesday. PM for a time
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