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    CUSTOM GC Controller Step-by-Step (Grand Prize for GM Tournie)

    This was created by myself for the Grandmasters Netplay Tournament (<- you should click this link for a sick promo video about this tournie) hosted by Melee Dojo. To all my hardware nerd homies, Lez go.
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    Melee Dojo's Arena Mod

    Also here is a link to the root files... gcr rebuilder included with a read me - if you don't want to download the .iso itself... Root Files
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    Melee Dojo's Arena Mod

    ISO DOWNLOAD - CLICK HERE Introducing Melee Dojo's Arena Mod! Included xdeltapatch and directions in the download. Most Sensei and Students have this version in their library so if you join the dojo you can play friendlies with them - just go to #looking4match channel in the discord and ask...
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    A Place For Newcomers Should have everything you need besides the ISO (version 1.02) which you'll have to acquire yourself
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    Masters & Grandmasters Tournament

    Regions include East Coast, Mid West, Ontario, and Quebec. Masters Tournament (Weekly) Our weekly tourny that leads up to the 8th week, in which we will have Grandmasters. After Grandmasters Event, we restart and go 8 weeks again. This is because Grandmasters is reserved for only the top 24...
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    A Place For Newcomers

    Wanted to share this in case there are others who enjoy further depth of community, instructors on standby experienced in characters, controller tech questions etc., and overall just a chill spot to kick it. Granted, we created Melee Dojo for netplayers, but netplay or not we can all talk about...
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    Melee Dojo - Ground Zero Tournament

    Register Now Netplay tournie for all USA regions - winners specifically of EC and Southern regions due to ping. GROUND ZERO - sponsored by Melee Dojo Please be sure to check in at least two days before event May 4th 8:00PM EST Join our discord for more info before/during tournie or check us...
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    TheDojo - Training Ground for Pupils & Mentors in SSBM

    Also we are in need of more teachers... so if your up in skill lvl and live in USA or Canada, and would like to teach some inspiring young pupils, please check us out.
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    TheDojo - Training Ground for Pupils & Mentors in SSBM Seeking more teachers that have the time and ability to help train up some newcomers. All 12 smashers that are already participating play netplay on a reg basis. Also a great place to chat with others during friendlies. Join and give me a shoutout in the chat for...
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    New to Melee, Netplay?

    Hi, first of all let me be the first to welcome you to the most complex fighting game ever. Whether you are coming from smash 4 or jumping in after a long hiatus, you are making a wise decision that will no doubt be filled with tech training, long studies and practicing smash DI with friends...
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    The NEW Guide To Spray Painting Your Gamecube Controller

    Just wanted to share a few creations of my own. Am getting pretty into this... Especially on a financial lvl :O but enjoying the obsession. Let me know if u have any questions or critique picture host
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    Georgia Social Thread

    From the Brunswick, GA area attending Coastal College of GA but willing to drive to Jville or Savannah if it means good melee experience. Needing to learn off players who are better than me Let me know if you are near... hoping to get a weekly thing going
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    Controller Customs - Pro Prime/Paint/Auto Finish

    Just wanted to share a few customs I have created over the years. Even my OG controllers haven't had any wear or tear on the paint... The process is long but they tend to stand the test of time after 5 coats of no joke clear coat Would love to do some more creative projects as well... Send me a...
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    Unveil Your Customs!

    Just wanted to share some of my favorite customized jobs that i've done in the last few years... starting with the Captain Falcon colors, to the prestigious wavebird (my favorite) to the black and spice orange in which I certainly did not paint but wanted to show off anyway....... and to the...