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  • Hey there, Swei! Just wanted to let you know that your Community tier List vote has Sonic missing, so I can't count your vote as of right now. Once you edit your post and fix it up a little, PM me to let me know you did so, if you still want your vote to count. Thank you very much!
    8% earlier? If that's what it said it's right but sounds wrong to me right now, hahaha.

    Nah, it's not from frame 6, it's the last 2 or so frames of the hitbox (which means around 10-11?). I think the guide may have specified that. But yeah, the animation is when the sword reaches the back of Marth.
    It closed because of baaaaaaaaaaaaaad people :(
    It was opened due to my idea and it worked for its purpose. Been a bit quiet there for a while but; I'll try to push it further later.
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