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    CrossXFighter - Official Thread (*Thread in Review for Rewrite*)

    Unfortunately as I have said, there is no physical development for this. In fact, it's kind of on a major hiatus right now.
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    CrossXFighter - Official Thread (*Thread in Review for Rewrite*)

    It's been a long time since I did anything with this, but I'm going to try to revitalize it again. :D
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    Bullet Art moves: the new short hop laser?

    One thing that will make or break the bullet arts is range. For n-air and u-air I see the range being very short and not that reliable. On the other hand b-air might have more range since it shoots in one direction only.
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    Bullet Art moves: the new short hop laser?

    Seeing as how the Bullet Art aerials in particular have next to no landing lag, I'd like to know what you guys think of using them repeatedly to build up damage.
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    Small theory about her afterlag combos.

    I know that when you play Captain Falcon and you grab someone with Falcon Dive, he suffers landing lag UNLESS you pull out a n-air just before you hit the ground. I'm not sure this can apply to Bayonetta however, especially since she can hold her aerials to make them go on for quite a while...
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    Rivals of Aether – Patch 0.0.8 Overview: The Storm Arrives

    I just tested her and she does in fact have a wall jump.
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    Pokken Tournament: Wii U Version Set For Release

    Here is the full invitational:
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    [Answered] what do you do after a down throw?

    On For Glory a lot of people will air dodge, which I like to punish with a charged F-smash.
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    Tournament Mode [1.1.0] Community Patch Notes

    Ryu's down smash seems like it causes a lower angle of knockback.
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    Data Ryu Combo Thread

    Rush Hour Smash recently uploaded a video of combos and setups.
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    R.O.B's ultimate SM4SH combo!

    Not the place to post this. This is the place for fan-game devs. Should've posted on the ROB thread. (Sorry, little salty because my thread is about to hit Page 2, aka the abyss LOL)
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    Roy and Ryu Sound Files Found

    It makes sense that everything is based on Street Fighter 2 because that's the game Sakurai himself loved and used to play at the arcades, as he once said in an interview. Though it also helps that it was the last Street Fighter game on Nintendo consoles (excluding the 3DS), releasing on the...
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    True Combos

    This video shows that D-tilt -> Side B -> U Smash works No, he can't. He's just really floaty.
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    The Aerial Elevator

    I vote to call it the Elevator of Death :D Also at around 80% you don't even need to do the down throw and angle at all. If you find an opening just do Farore's Wind from the ground straight up and it will connect and kill. That's how I always use it.
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    Project M 3.6 Trailer Released!

    Well I get that. It's the Melee SFX and designs for FD and BF that really gets to me. Using Melee SFX is a downgrade to the already-excellent sound design from Brawl. There was actually variation between sword users but now it's all gone BECAUSE MEWEE IS DA BES :))))) And using the Melee...
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