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Recent content by onski?

  1. onski?

    Are there any 64 smash tournaments with big payouts around?

    ill host a tournament to take your money. I'll put $100 up
  2. onski?

    all California players list

    Smash64 friendlies Van Nuys, CA Also peep SoCal SSB64 on Facebook for the latest and greatest in SoCal 64
  3. onski?

    [Updated 06/09/16] 19XXTE 0.11, ROM Hack (Working on Console!)

    mad love to Jorgasms for all the hard work. maiden voyage of my Everdrive + 19XXTE will be tonight at the LAS house. i undoubtedly will have questions later
  4. onski?

    SSB Player Location World Map

    Van Nuys, CA also, anyone know of any tournaments in SoCal that rep Smash64? thanks
  5. onski?

    Road to APEX: Kings of Cali- SephirothKen! BRING A SETUP! - stream by VGbootcamp

    Jake's is really really good. too good for a smash tournament. i'm going there to eat, and bringing a controller
  6. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    ****tt if i had a classroom, a CubaIsDeath, and a laptop with tio down here it'd be taken care of
  7. onski?

    1st Annual NorCal Tournament

    fuhhhhh... i'm working on a film until at least the 7th of June. ballin sucks. and darth you suck too. Isais priy gud
  8. onski?

    Short Notice: 5/12/12 YC Monthlies: The Big One / Yuba City CA

    ****ing QTP back up in this! what what?! Yuba is so far...
  9. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    so do i, things were tight for a while. now were all grown up and ****
  10. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    at least someone's keeping the fighting game hype machine alive at SFSU
  11. onski?

    SFVM - Back in Action, now on Saturdays.

    Smash64? :)
  12. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    the tournament went to at least the 2nd or 3rd round of winners, i know that much its way too late in the semester now to start or reinstate a student group. if anything you'd have to start in Fall semester sometime in August/September along with everyone else. but for more info you go to...
  13. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    sorry. i think out of all the CGCs I ever ran, only 2 were shut down prematurely. i miss running this series and wish someone would pick up the slack. its too good of a venue to let wither and rot away SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!
  14. onski?

    CGC @ SFSU XXV - SEP. 3rd!

    we need to find a successor to the CGC. the layover between Grayfox and i was like 2 months. we're going on a 1+ years of lame duck, rouge-room-commandeering. pick up the slack, so you can pick up the sticks. oh and boss is a boss
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