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  • Hey Kitty sorry for taking so long to get back to you. How have you been?

    How'd it go? Who won?
    I've recently just started getting into chess. I joined that Chess.com site and now my rating is like negative 1000. That's how bad I am :p but I enjoy it heaps so we should play sometime!

    Would you mind if I added you on MSN if you have it?
    Hey Olimar/Kitty/whatever else you like to go by lol.

    I'm all good, got all my university work out of the way for now, just got exams left. That means I have a bit more time for chess. Went to our annual club tournament yesterday. Lost one, drew one and won the other =D. I've hopped back on chess.com, but I have no internet at home right now, so still limited access. But yeah, life's good.

    How are you? Hope all is well.
    Dude! Your from ACT, Canberra? Are you interested in getting to know the ACT smash scene? Also we should play in chess as well :)
    Ah... I just, I image I'd feel more comfortable with a rough grip on a hammer instead of delicately playing out Mozart or Beethoven, haha... ^^;

    Tsk, tsk... Orchestral is my preference, but I haven't listened to a LOT. I've invested in the recent 'The Classic Composers' series of booklet-CDs, which have, on average, uh... 10 or 12 pieces on them, but that's it. I do like the occassional piano, such as Edvard Greig... One thing I don't care for is anything vocal, IE, choiral (Is that spelled correctly? -.-). The sole exception is Beethoven's 9th...

    I would, but I'm not a YouTuber. I have sluggish dial-up internet, and it would take hours to download minutes of music... But if I had to list my top five for you to search for...

    Eine Kleine Nacktmusik, 1st movement - W. A. Mozart

    Lyric Piece Op. 65 No. 6: Wedding Day at Troldhaugen - Edvard Greig

    Symphony No. 98, 4th movement - Joseph Haydn

    Swan Lake, Op. 20: Waltz - Tchaikovsky (^_^')

    Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor - Johannes Brahms

    There are others, but I like those the most right now~
    It's more like 60% for me, but the only other stuff I listen to comes from video games, and even then, 45% of that is played in a classical-style manner (Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, etc.).

    Feh, lucky. :p I've never tried my hand at an instrument... Don't have the confidence. ^^;
    pro piano lol.
    umm no, I didnt go to that school, I used to hang out with a guy that did though, (sean bruce) maybe thats why? but he's a douche lol.
    well the tourney is march 8th, so idk what june has to do with it, unless you have to practice meticulously till then, anyways we need a good olimar player :)
    also by friends I assume you mean like roxas and all that, we need to get the canberra scene going.

    and no I dont play piano, well I play a little bit but I've never had lessons or anything, I'm a drummer :)
    hello, I remember you having some intrest in coming to one of my act tourneys that got cancelled, I assume you live in act, anyways I think I pmed you about one that I organized but thats come and gone and now I've organized a second tourney on march 8th, are you intrested?
    here are the details http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=212656
    Im awesome...i beat josh first try and out of the 20-30 matches we played i would say i beat josh and david 87% of the time. Although i still am not that good i was just lucky i guess. Man, wi fi is soooooo laggy for Australian users :(
    that's funny. I saw my birthday a little while back too. Yah, there should be another video thread. I'm too bust to make anymore threads though. lol
    yeh, well, it's kinda cuz i've just been versing anyone anywhere, and i haven't lost a game yet:p But i guess thts cuz Ike's kinda a noob character and tht the lag is huge online... But, i did see this guy, he's always a pink captain falcon... Best Captain falcon i've seen, like he's rli fluid, kinda like isai...
    kk, i will
    ummm, u go to Wii message board from ur channel menu (bottom right hand button) then click the second from the left bottom button... Then click address book and ur wii code is there
    hahaha, thts awesome, i've only seen a couple of good snake players and i tried olimar 4 a while, fun to play as him:p
    R U SERIOUS!!! OMG, I CAN'T SHOW U MY STUFF!!! BUT SHE BROKJE IT:O:O:O This is truely hell, lolz.... Um, yeah, tht'd b good if u cud, hardly any1 in gramma hu has brawl in yr 9:( so thx... Btw, do u know how to actually upload videos to youtube, cuz my SD card works but Youtube doesn't recgonise the format... Btw, If ur Wii's still intact, post ur wii code:)
    hey OlimarFan, wat's ur friend code... Guess it's pretty obvious hu this is:p I must show u some mad spiking with Ike and crazy 'Super Armour' Dodges i did against dragoons:p hahaha, cyaz buddy:)
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