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    [Jul 5, 2014] Kings of Cali 4! Melee in a bar! At a new location. Feat... (Los Angeles, CA)

    Probably D&B knows that an event with 100+ people means $$ in food/drinks/arcade.
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    Top Players & Videos by Character

    We've also got DSF, Jonny Westside, and Disqo. Though I don't know if I'd put Jaime on our list. He hasn't gone to a SoCal tournament ever, I believe.
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    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 17th edition! April 14th, 2014

    He had to attend a friend's graduation and could only stay til 5:30 PM.
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    Why was sheik nerfed from melee?

    Real talk, Sheik is just fine. She has new good options too, like crawl. Being able to RAR B-air is a tight approach too.
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    The PM Player Locator Project

    I mean...the point is to get a general idea of where the smash hotspots are in addition to knowing who around you plays. I think splitting the maps into separate regions is a little suboptimal. A website that allows for more entries is really all that's necessary.
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    Q&A Sheik Q's&A's/Videos/Gen Discussion

    Ironically...I almost feel like TL may be the answer against MK. But in terms of going Sheik against MK...I think that boost grabs are a huge part of how you should play the match up. Whenever MK is in the air, be super weary of his two D-air angles. Whenever you land a F-tilt...think about a...
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    Q&A Sheik Q's&A's/Videos/Gen Discussion

    I didn't quite mean it to come across as though I haven't been playing, if that's what it seemed like (quite the contrary...there are about 1-2 tournaments every 2 weeks in SoCal). I more meant to stir discussion, which this thread was seriously lacking. That being said...I think that I could...
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    Q&A Sheik Q's&A's/Videos/Gen Discussion

    I feel like short hop pressure is really good. SH F-air + SH empty hop is awesome. SH B-air is a great wall technique. Walking is absolutely amazing. Shield dropping in P:M feels wonky compared to Melee. I'm 95% consistent in Melee to the right. In P:M it's only about 50% or so. :/
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    About the fire spike...

    U-throw -> D-air on fast fallers seems to fire spike pretty easily around 130-150%.
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    Why was neutral air changed? Frankly I think his brawl neutral air is better for the character.

    The current N-air is more effective as an edgeguard in addition to being an awesome means of approach. It also is super useful out of shield. See 9:15 for an example of edgeguarding with N-air.
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    Q&A Sheik Q's&A's/Videos/Gen Discussion

    So, this thread needs some love. As a Sheik main in Melee, I've been testing things. I used to play very defensively going as far as attempting to time out Peach and Samus and what not. I continuously was placing 7th or 9th or so. Last Melee tournament, I tried using my tech skill to be aggro...
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    The PM Player Locator Project

    I realize that. That's because there are more than 250 names now, which isn't supported by the free version of BatchGeo. I believe there's about 300, so regardless of who was on the map before...the bottom 50 or so names will not be on it currently. I don't really have a fix to it. If anyone...
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    The PM Player Locator Project

    Yes, I believe everyone after a certain point on the list is not on the map. Unsure what to do, but I think a different website will have to be used in order to continue the project. For the time being, I'm just going to keep accruing the data until we know what to do with it.
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    Top Players & Videos by Character

    I would say he is. I know personally I feel more comfortable playing TL against Puff and Peach than I do Sheik. TL is also really solid against Ivy and D3, and for whatever reason seems to be good against Metaknight, though perhaps that's just Tyrant and Ripn (i.e. SoCal MK's not named DSF {whom...