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    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    I noticed something interesting when watching the Japan trailer. When they have Bayonetta in her classic costume she speaks with her english voice. I'm not sure if that was possibly a mistake or if they plan to have her classic costume be paired with her english voice in the JP version of the game.
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    A New DLC Stage Approaches: Super Mario Maker!

    I hope we get the Mario Maker Uniform as Mii Fighter outfit as well
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    Ahoy, Matey! Tetra Support Thread

    Hey this just popped up earlier today. It shows mostly Toon Link but it also shows some story mode cut scenes showing off Tetra's role in the story.
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    Shovel Knight ~ Steel Thy Shovel! Amiibo CONFIRMED!

    Well I assume they wanted an amiibo before any sort of smash announcement because they want to promote it as their own thing rather than having a Shovel Knight amiibo ride the coattails of Smash Bros. So I might assume that if Shovel Knight dose get in he'll get a smash version amiibo like other...
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    Poll: Would you be fine with different Ice Climbers for both games?

    I wouldn't mind having a solo Ice Climber but I always thought and interesting way to keep them both on both versions is to make the both of them one character/model like duck hunt or, if you want to be really obscure, some of the team characters in CN Punch Time Explosion. I do own both WiiU...
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    Oozing the Way to Victory: Slime for SSB4 DLC! Vote now on

    Might as well bump this thread with some good DQ news: The new Dragon Quest X! has been announced to be on the soon-to-be-released Nintendo NX and beloved 3DS And very recently we got Dragon Quest XI 3DS screenshots: KEEP THE SUPPORT ALIVE EVERYONE, SLIME MAY STILL HAVE HIS TIME TO SHINE!
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    Smash 4 Update 1.10 - More Info!

    this just showed up
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    Smash 4 Update 1.10 - More Info!

    If we are getting more 3rd party costumes I would honestly love to see a NiGHTS themed costume
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    Bomberman gets Smashified!

    I thought bomber man was confirmed to be a alien back in the Jetters generation of games/anime, but whatever it still looks really nice.
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    The Sassy Princess of Sarasaland: Daisy for SSB4 (A New Daisy for Smash Thread Opens See Pg. 197)

    I guess another thing of interest when talking about powers is that in sports mix she preforms a lot of specials/offensive moves by using pompoms and cheer leading techniques You can see and example of this here:
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    The Sassy Princess of Sarasaland: Daisy for SSB4 (A New Daisy for Smash Thread Opens See Pg. 197)

    Kinda late to the party on this but might as well share some info. Most sport games shows her having magic related to flowers mostly. In Mario Sport Mix/Super Sluggers/Power Tennis she can be shown to spawn gardens to slow down/trap opponents or used to help her mobility. In some games she can...
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    Inkling for Smash! Let's Make Like Squid and Migrate!

    Just curious but can you provide a link to said leak
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    Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

    R.I.P. Sartoru Iwata You may have left but you will live on forever in the hearts of many . . .
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    Chorus Kids for Smash Bros. DLC! ~ Lend your Song of Support in the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot! ~

    When it comes to rhythm heaven music I hope to see them add Remix 1 from fever
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    Lucas' Palette Swaps (Alt Costumes)

    My favorite one out the 8 has to be the purple with the Drago Sprite on it. However, like others have said before, I am a tad dissapointed with no Kumatora alt.
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