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Recent content by Octagon

  1. Octagon

    What information does a pro player have to memorize?

    I personally think playing the game is the best experience you can get at the end of the day. You can study frame data, combos, and watch youtube videos to increase your knowledge of the game but the best way to improve is to play.
  2. Octagon

    How do I fight Little Mac as a Mario Main??

    Your next time facing a Little Mac, edge guard using cape and fludd and the match will probably be less than a minute...
  3. Octagon

    Need Help with the Matchup

    I frequently struggle against Bowser with my main and my secondary (Lucas and Cloud respectively). If there is anyone i could practice with online i would greatly appreciate it because twice i've been knocked out of a tournament by a Bowser and overall more practice against good Bowser players...
  4. Octagon

    Cloud's foxtrot

    Yes it is good to use in the neutral because it gets good distance and Cloud can act out of it very quickly. I like foxtrotting while an opponent jumps in the air and hitting them with an up tilt or even when an opponent is charging at you and you foxtrot into a down tilt.
  5. Octagon

    New Wario 0-Death? (also kill setup for waft?)

    A video would really help to support this, i love the idea though, i'll try to test it out myself.
  6. Octagon

    Which tag(s) do you use the most online?

    I just use my smash name "Octagon" but if its with a character i'm using just for fun i use random tags like "Mitt Romney" or "Wilfred" for example...don't judge...
  7. Octagon

    Cloud vs lucas

  8. Octagon

    Cloud vs lucas

  9. Octagon

    Do you draw on Miiverse for your characters?

    I never post on miiverse cause my drawing skills are pretty terrible...seriously i dont get how some people can draw like A+ works of art on a freaking gamepad...
  10. Octagon

    Guide Lucas Tech and Tricks

    I loved this video a ton. It really helped and i cannot wait to practice this tech in the lab and apply it. But i was wondering, with the pk fire lag cancel, do you have to change your controls? Is it just harder to execute it or is it impossible? Because i would rather do it without changing my...
  11. Octagon

    Special Charge Cancel

    Haha alright but its still pretty awesome
  12. Octagon

    Cloud vs lucas

    Lucas is my main, with Cloud being a close secondary, so i know both characters very well. When Lucas players use the zair into jab, blocking is your best bet and then going for your jab, because Cloud's is fairly fast as well. Use Cloud's neutral b for pressure but use this rarely because if...
  13. Octagon

    Special Charge Cancel

    I'm confused why Cloud can do this for any of his ground attacks when the characters you mentioned before can only do this with up smashes.
  14. Octagon

    Taiheita, the best Lucas to the U.s?

    He beat 9B? I knew he was good but man this boy needs to come to the U.S...
  15. Octagon

    Taiheita, the best Lucas to the U.s?

    ZeRo just came out with his next part in his series of "The Best Players of Every Character" and after a lot of research he claimed that Taiheita is the best. I haven't seen much of his play but from what i have seen he clearly looks like the strongest Lucas player in the world.
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