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  • ok haha, letz do it. i wont be free for a couple of days though lol so busy. i feel like i'm getting rusty at arena so i could use the practice
    yup, sorry i was away for a bit.

    you still free?

    edit: i'll be around in half an hour. have a couple things to take care of first
    Sorry for the late response, was playing TF2 with others. I'm ready now though or whenever you are :)
    Haha, maybe I can win a match this time ;D
    Tell me when you can play. I'll be for most of today so just tell me when.
    Well I can't play right now but I hope to be able to soon. Maybe in an hour or so if your still on.
    I have no idea who you are but I got these juuuuuust for you babe
    Wow, sounds great. Thx dawg! You should be able to just give it to her, then. I'm sure someone there (DAVID) would help you move it. And thanks again, this is really cool!
    The LCD on the right is a 42 incher I believe.[/collapse]

    Side 1:
    Side view for comparison[/collapse]

    Side 2:
    Other side with TV wearing an original Xbox[/collapse]

    It's about 36 inches diagonal, goes back about 20 inches, and weighs about 50 pounds. Usually fits in a car since it's about the size of a person.

    Works great.
    How big is this TV? My plan was for you to give it to Nicole tonight and she would bring it to me tomorrow. Is it too big to fit in her car?
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