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Recent content by NouveauRétro

  1. NouveauRétro

    PMRank 2018: 3-1

    Thunderz left and no one was able to stop Sosa is what I'm getting out of this.
  2. NouveauRétro

    Trashed my favorite...

    This the one statement I really gotta correct, you still get at minimum 20% per grab until like 90% and even then you still have up throw Up B. You can still down throw double nair Up B at 0 for 43%, you can upthrow nair Up B as well, up throw combos for a good while as well. At later percents...
  3. NouveauRétro

    The Great Grand Father of Video Gaming! - Mr. Game & Watch for Smash Bros. Switch

    G&W's never been a rushdown character since like Melee, he's still bait and punish using big disjoints with better frame data than your average swordsman. his punish game's a lot different but his neutral is largely the same but better with new options.
  4. NouveauRétro

    The Great Grand Father of Video Gaming! - Mr. Game & Watch for Smash Bros. Switch

    New uair feels clunky and not great at first but eventually, you'll have that moment where like Cloud or Link or Bowser or someone else who would normally cover themselves landing with a hitbox and you just uair and their attack clanks once and then immediately hits them and you keep pestering...
  5. NouveauRétro

    Why these characters have the same thread

    There is one difference known. Simon's Holy Water has the Fire Element Richter's doesn't It makes a difference in the Olimar matchup as Red Pikmin are immune to Fire Differences like this are nearly trivial so no separating them until some patch comes along and actually differentiates them.
  6. NouveauRétro

    Richter: Not Andy

    OK I must have traveled between universes because I swear when I saw this live he said from Rondo of Blood and Dracula X but now it's just Rondo of Blood. Not sure where the false memory came from.
  7. NouveauRétro

    Dang gotta be a Belmain now

    Dang gotta be a Belmain now
  8. NouveauRétro

    Eight Directional Whipping

    Seems like low mobility will balance him out. He'll probably be an extremely good zoner with great punishes and a nasty advantage but weak at landing and dealing with rushdown once the opponent is nearby.
  9. NouveauRétro

    Eight Directional Whipping

    The tether was VERY interesting because it was off of a bair. Useful because it means he doesn't need to turn around to zair! But maybe annoying depending on how it works.
  10. NouveauRétro

    Richter: Not Andy

    He did when he was introducing Richter, I guess you missed it.
  11. NouveauRétro

    Nintendo Direct (08.08.2018) - Stage Morph

    I'd be so surprised if at the very least FD/BF ain't legal The real issue is figuring out how often the transition should be. Fast to prevent too much advantage at once? Or few in order to prevent camping out one transition?
  12. NouveauRétro

    Feelings about new models and animations?

    At least fsmash is the same confirmed. It's kinda odd that only some of the moves transform him, and there doesn't seem to be a pattern for which moves do.
  13. NouveauRétro

    Feelings about new models and animations?

    Heven't seen enough moves to confirm is GOOFY or nah.
  14. NouveauRétro

    New Smash Game Announced During Nintendo Direct

    In other news, Smashboards in late 2018 is having a massive revival!
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