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    Smash @ Xanadu Weekly Tournament - Every Tuesday. Doors open at 6PM EST. Baltimore, M

    Well since I stay in Baltimore now, il try to get out there. The thing 21 and never taken a public bus before lmao -______- . Im gonna have to figure that out asap.
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    Video Thread

    why didnt you grab like at all during the matches or even upb his upb when he was trying to recover?
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    Xanadu: X Games It's Back on! Esam, Vinnie, M2K, Junebug, Logic, Mekos....Dabuz?

    Dang Kaffei I was going to see if you wanted to do dubbs... -__________-
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    MD/VA Power Rankings: Updated 8/14/12

    You live in the seasons? I use to live there. Im around there all the time lmao.
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    MD/VA Power Rankings: Updated 8/14/12

    Bio, are you trying to use the Laurel community center?
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    MD/VA Power Rankings: Updated 8/14/12

    If this is on a thursday then im coming with bert and neo. If its tonight then lol mybe next time
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    Zero Suit Samus Questions & Answers

    is DA>utilt/jab/dtilt every 100% legit ?
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    Metagame Minute, DI Part 4, Out Now! 12/13/2011 UPDATE!

    people getting angry for someone not knowing frames? lol smash
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    The Lucas General Discussion

    hello back to everyone, iv been running with lucas lately. Im trying to re-use him
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    The Lucas General Discussion

    I have posted in the lucas boards in months, mybe even a year. We need more mekos videos please lol
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    The Peach Q & A Thread

    I have a simple question which is pretty noob, but uh....if im bsticking how can i glidetoss backwards? As in facing forwards, rolling backwards, and still throwing the turnip forward. Thank you
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    MD/VA Power Rankings: Updated 8/14/12

    Well me,berto, and neo play all the time SSR. We live 5 mins away from you dude. I also dont even think you are the best peach in md/va....juss sayinnnnnnnn
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    KTAR 5 Results - 5/21/11 - 116 Entrants!!

    Iv met him a couple of times and I would have to say that is false.
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    Hagerstown Maryland Gamer Paradise May 20-21st Results

    I suck, i didnt care. fun times everyone lol.
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    Gamers Paradise 2011

    Any info on this madden tourny?
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