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    Social The Egg-Cellent Dinosaurl! Yoshi in Smash Ultimate Thread!

    yoshi dittos were some of my favorite in smash 4. Lets actually play eachother. I'm usually available to grind some games. Any yoshi discords? ALSO here's my friend code. "1345-3004-6632" . if you actually wana take the time to grind out some yoshi dittos or lab combos n stuff HMU.
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    Meta Building a Strong Yoshi Community

    woot. Yoshi boards! I haven't posted since smash 4. I'm looking forward to learning this new Yoshi. So far he's great. I do miss being able to reverse reverse b(they use to call it wavebouncing i guess?), and the egg trajectories are a little different than what I'm use too. If there is anyone...
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    Guide Yoshi's Universal Matchup List -- Find All Matchup Threads Here!

    only one link in the technique section actually works. heres the link. All the other links give me errors
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    Meta Colors of Yoshi - Metagame Discussion and Tips

    ok so eggbouncing? i am proficient at moonbounce egglay, i use the tilt stick with special triggers, im not exactly sure how to egg bounce though, is it the same concept of grounded moonbounce egglay? also has anyone figured out how to consistently backwards crawl slide out of aerials, ive got a...
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    The Yoshi Labs

    so what causes a person to be released straight to the ground, or to be released slightly above it? is that di or percent based, (e.g.. grab release into jab, some times it alot easier to get that jab. after gr) am i trippin or do i have it backwards, the grab doesnt release slightly above...
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    The Yoshi Labs

    any new tech discoveries?
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    Guide Knitting a Yoshi Chart - MU Portal

    every pikachu ive played on anthers tend to try to surprise you with up if ur at projectile range "term used in combatives for when ur not with grabbing or striking range" staying in the air using double jump fast fall seems to help againts this, butif u notice pikachu sitting back with nuetral...
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    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    add me , my skype is noft117 how fast were you mashing that joy stick?
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    Smash Livestream Player Name / Score editor for OBS/Xsplit (program inside)

    scoreboard assistant works really well with panels,
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    Southwest Path to Victory Road 34 - 24 hours of gaming

    We will be hosting a 24 hour Smash event. Fees: $5 Venue Fee - This gets you, Free Pizza, Free Drinks, It also allows you to play at the venue for the whole 24 hours. This event will be live streamed. See links below for more information. This tournament will feature Melee, Smash for Wii U...
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    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    So this video is unlisted on my channel. I wanted to make it easier for people to learn how to do some of yoshi's tech just by showing the motions on the controller, how ever, the method im using lacks the accuracy for proper display, as u can see some of the inputs arnt timed correctly in this...
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    Yoshi 1.11 Changelog Thread

    what about grab release into multi jab options?
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    Southwest [Sep 12, 2015] Underground Games Weekly (Copperas Cove, Texas)

    PTVR28 PLAYLIST PTVR 29 PLAYLIST PTVR30 9039 PTVR31 9038 PTVR32 9037...
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    Southwest [Sep 12, 2015] Underground Games Weekly (Copperas Cove, Texas)

    We use to run customs tournaments. We've stopped for the meantime.
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    Guide Knitting a Yoshi Chart - MU Portal

    we need to skype so we can share these tech knowledges, ets is perfect set to z trigger, test it out i promise u, egg throws couldnt have gotten any easierr with this setting, either click the tip of the z or full press , sooooo much better then r trigger or b, on a game cube controller atleast...
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