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  • Hey man ad tehgullz on skype and I'll add you to the skype group, you seem to be only in the old dead one.
    232kc^2+3-b^2=a^2+3 x44444444444444444
    I should be going this month, i think i might go all falco and toon link but i will still give sonic a try and yeah ive been good.

    The whole reason i didnt go last month is cause i wasnt feeling well so good so yeah i couldnt be buggered traveling.
    I'm not going to any tournaments next month, as I don't think one actually exists. I was going to plan one but it seems I can't get a reliable hall or a contact in Sydney so that plan is condemned to plan hell.

    I hope your next two tournaments go well, it'll boost her ranking up into the single digits, hopefully :O
    GG's nix. I thought u'd beat me in a sonic ditto :( i never play sonic, i just watch my brother and learn from what he does.
    With MK v ZSS, when i got to the last stock, im like alright ur gonna get it! Nearly won
    Haha dude thats some sense of humor you got there haha, but seriously whats funny about it? I always do stupid stuff
    Haha i understand why you didnt know me(my fave nintendo character is link). Im just vsing the cpu on brawl stranded im melbourne.
    True, true. If you ever come down to Bendigo, remember to give me a holler and I'll shout ya a bite to eat.
    Only sometimes? XD If it was awesome I wouldn't have to make a 2 hour trip for a tournament.
    Well, that was fun. Blasted Klaptraps and lag ruining my Lucas. Still, you got one 3 stock, maybe.... While I got like, 3. Your Metaknight needs work man, losing to a Link AND a Peach =P
    Should be cool, provided I remember. Send me a message on here and If i don't respond withing 15 minutes assume I've forgotten ^^;
    WiFi is the sux. I'm lame, and I totally can face that. Still, pay to come to N2C and I'll make the effort to come down and give you some pointers =P
    Haha, awesome fun free for alls. Though we missed the 3 way Sonic Ditto due to my idiocy. D:
    Lol, using lag to your advantage doesn't count. But I still managed to avoid DJ's sexy 3 stock **** each time. But sure, I'll add ya.
    You have no love in your visitor messages. This saddens me to the point of posting here. I still find your Sonic sexy.
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