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Recent content by Nintykid

  1. Nintykid

    Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl Speculation Thread

    Oh this makes Garfield and Hugh are shoe-ins if she wasn't already in the base game lol
  2. Nintykid

    Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl Speculation Thread

    Not really speculation but something interesting (that probably will change majorly overtime so this will be useless info but still cool nonetheless) I'm in both the Ludosity and NASB Discord, and a playtester who played the beta version made a tierlist of the character currently shown in the...
  3. Nintykid

    Why is online in this game so bad?

    Eh, give it a few patches and it will be alright
  4. Nintykid

    Who was the least wanted character in Smash history?

    YEAH FOR THE NONE ANSWER! My reasoning is easy. I kinda like all the characters introduced in Smash honestly and I don't feel like any of them are a wasted slot.
  5. Nintykid

    Will Kirby be a bottom or low tier in Smash Ultimate?

    Eh, Patches might be a bit kind to him in the long run honestly, I'll stick with him even with his glaring flaws
  6. Nintykid

    Worst Kirby matchups and how to deal with them

    I would think Richter/Simon would be an issue with their long reach and projectiles
  7. Nintykid

    Kirby's Neutral B

    Do you have a list of things Kirby can eat? Like what he can and should eat?
  8. Nintykid

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 1.2.0 Released

    Nice they tell us what characters got changed, but I still wish it was like Splatoon 2 or Mario Tennis Aces or ARMS, where they tell us What actually changed
  9. Nintykid

    How is this game "competitive" ?

    Someone hasn't see the dozens of Smash Combos on here or Youtube
  10. Nintykid

    I am really not excited for this game any more - possible spoilers

    it's the first of the DLC give it a while
  11. Nintykid

    Coming Right Back At Ya: Kirby for Smash Switch discussion

    Huh appearently Kirby get's a 1.2x damage multipler when he uses a copy ability. I did not know this
  12. Nintykid

    I am really not excited for this game any more - possible spoilers

    SAD, very very sad.... but true Odd I do the same thing with character reveals
  13. Nintykid

    Joker revealed as the 1st DLC character for Smash Ultimate

    >Persona >Recognizable Joker, from Persona 5 isn't recognizable? The main character of a game that was critically acclaimed, sold remarkably well and was even considered one of the best RPG of it's time (Okay that one a bit much, but still)? I'm pretty excited for a non Persona fan, you never...
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