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    Have I seriously gone back to lurking for over 2 years? Now that Ultimate's out, I might be too...

    Have I seriously gone back to lurking for over 2 years? Now that Ultimate's out, I might be too busy playing Smash to talk about Smash... RIP Sonic's spindashes
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    Appreciate Non-Playable Characters Roles in Smash

    I think people would appreciate AT characters more if we had an actually good assist system. As it is now, you pick up a randomly spawning item and get a completely random character. I'd love for Smash to adopt a system where you select an AT who can be called to quickly perform a move in...
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    Pro Smash Player Has Literally No Idea How to Explain his Wrist Problem to Doctor

    Cesare should've gone to a specialist who can understand his wrist injury. I'd recommend PPMD.
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    Sweden's Government on What They Do with the 40% Tax on Armada's Earnings

    This just in: Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to enter Melee at EVO 2017 under the alias "40%".
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    Extraterrestrials: Sonic Mains Are The Reason We Haven’t Visited

    I'm a Sonic main, can confirm that we have no alien friends.
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    [Source Gaming] Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions

    Then the game would never get finished, lol.
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    Can't wait till E3

    Can't wait till E3
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    300 hours into Xenoblade X and still not done...

    300 hours into Xenoblade X and still not done...
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    Our Fuzzy Neighbors: Further Confusion 2016 (Part 1)

    The year is 20XX. Everyone is Fox.
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    How dedicatted are you to your main??

    In the early days of 3DS, I mained :4bowserjr:, but dropped him because I knew that he was holding my results back. I'd noticed that :4sonic: was really good in this game (unlike Brawl, where I tried to main him but he sucked), so I picked him up and he is who I play for 80% of serious games...
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    Important Official Custom Moveset Project

    Before EVO, some tournaments switched to customs on to prepare for it. EVO showed that customs don't really impact results very much (not a bad thing), although some cried foul over the usual suspects of Kong Cyclone, Timber Counter + Explosive Balloon Trip, and Hammer Spin Dash like always...
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    See The Difference: Battlefield, Dreamland 64, And Miiverse

    Since we treat walled Omegas as the same stage as FD, we should do the same for MV/BF. Walled Omegas have different undersides, different edges, and different traction. MV has a different underside, different edges, and slightly increased length. That is not enough to justify having to strike MV...
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    Your dream patch! (Come predict the future)

    I guess I didn't think my post through too much. I meant that he doesn't always have them readily available, as they all have flaws. - Bair is not very fast and has to land the early hit. It's a bit more reliable than other options. - Usmash has somewhat short horizontal range and is not too...
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    Your dream patch! (Come predict the future)

    When I look at other people's suggestions, I see a ton of nerfs. I prefer many buffs for a strong, balanced cast rather than a bunch of weaklings. Unfortunately, the pattern with patches is to nerf everyone to the ground. @Pariahus I'm fine with Sonic having a strong Usmash. It gives him a...
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    How you should choose your competitive main in Smash 4

    Check out the Lucario boards and see his matchups. Ask for advice on what other Lucarios think, and see which characters can overcome his bad matchups.