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Recent content by New_Dumal

  1. New_Dumal

    Meta SSBU Stagelist Discussion

    I was very open minded with stages some time ago and I'm becoming more conservative at the same time that my investment and results in the game are getting better. Some people do not fully understand the problems that having something as a ceiling in one stage. It's true that people would adapt...
  2. New_Dumal

    The Last Nintendo All-Star: Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits!

    Retro did great with the franchise. Not a problem with Jungle Beat, I think it's an underated game, but OMG when I saw DKCR. It was everything that I most wanted from Nintendo. I have spoke about it frequently with my friends about a new Dk Country game and they did it. Tropical Freeze added...
  3. New_Dumal

    Animal Crossing Direct Announced for February 20th

    So hyped for this game. I hope Tom Nook is announced as Smash DLC.
  4. New_Dumal

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Reveal to Take Place on January 16th

    It's funny because the two most probable characters are Dante and Travis and both are so cool. I hope it's Travis, but Dante would also be a good DLC.
  5. New_Dumal

    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Marth is in such a strange spot now. MkLeo advanced what people thought about the character but because he spoken that Lucina is probably better and will favor using her, it's possible to people keep him as a mid tier (as Tweek did), where I personally don't think he belongs). The character...
  6. New_Dumal

    Question: Does anyone actually prefer Smash 4 over Ultimate?

    I do really prefer Smash4 than Ultimate (in general). Smash4 could be played agressive or defensive, Ultimate is all about attacking. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have better movement options and I really like parrying, but shield something is lose advantage in this game and this is so...
  7. New_Dumal

    Official Patch 3.1.0 Discussion Thread

    Pichu viability now is, at least, debatable. The self-damage combined with nerfing some of his great moves (FSmash and Ftilt) hurts him a lot more than people who doesn't mained the character can understand. No surprise at all that Void dropped him as his main character, a needed step to...
  8. New_Dumal

    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    I think that almost all nerfs were done poorly and the only considerable buffs were done to Diddy and Ken. Olimar is currently broken, his shield just doesn't work as all shields should. I don't even play Olimar, but for me is a shame that the ones who main him must wait for the next patch to...
  9. New_Dumal

    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    Ultimate 3.0 is a better game than Ultimate 3.1
  10. New_Dumal

    The Smash Roster “God of War”-ified

    Waiting for Meta Knight, hope it looks cool as Mewtwo.
  11. New_Dumal

    Official Patch 3.1.0 Discussion Thread

    I really think Ultimate 3.1 is worse than 3.0. The patch deleted Pichu (will still be used in some matchups, but I really can't see the character winning a major anymore), literally crashed Olimar and removed good but not broken options from Lucina/Wolf. IMO, the only characters that were buffed...
  12. New_Dumal

    The Last Nintendo All-Star: Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits!

    I think Funky Kong is only promoted as a "top banana" because he is exclusive to the Switch. He is a playable character that was made to show there's something new/actual effort in the port. Also, he is a heavy Kong so it makes sense that he and Dk are the possible "player 1" characters, since...
  13. New_Dumal

    Data SSBU Tournament Results

    (Some brazilian results) https://smash.gg/tournament/ultimate-crush-counter/events/smash-ultimate/standings Ultimate Crush Counter (91 entrants, São Paulo-BR,16/02/2019) 1. DASH | Player7 :ultpichu: 2. WumpaFruito :ultyoshi: 3. 1uptg | gamergirl :ultolimar: 4. BRO | Microlicia :ultinkling: 5...
  14. New_Dumal

    The Last Nintendo All-Star: Dixie Kong's Barrel Of Support Spirits!

    Corrin was a character included to promote FE:Fates . It's sad that Smash Bros characters came to this point, but it can also favor us if Nintendo is working on a new Dk (and Reggie kinda said they are), chosing Dixie to help hype the game. The long absense of both Dixie and K.Rool should've...
  15. New_Dumal

    Social Ultimate Social Thread: Under Construction. Be Back Soon!

    Unfortunately I can't see a bright future to Fire Emblem. I think it's doomed to be a dating sim, after Awakening success. I know a lot of people who rathers this kind of stuff than actual gameplay. Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance are two games I'm still very fond of. Even in FE Echoes, that...
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