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Recent content by nessokman

  1. nessokman

    Which Super Smash Bros. sequel added the best newcomers in the franchise?

    Game and watch was not a smash OC. What we got in smash was the combination of all his games in one character. He was in all the game and watch games.
  2. nessokman

    Previously I sold Smash 4 in shame of my horrible win rate. I bought Ultimate to start afresh but its going even worse!

    Just play the game. Find a character that suits your playstyle. Practice that character and find guides for it. I you struggle in matchups, go to a discord for the character and ask how to beat them. There are also discords for every character where you can have people mentor you.
  3. nessokman

    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    To say "We shouldn't have any more Mother characters because the series is dead" is a horrible argument to make. Characters should not be made for the sake of representation. If a Mother character like The Masked Man is interesting for the developers to make and fun for the game, they should...
  4. nessokman

    How to counter Pichu?

    Stay off the ledge, its Pichu's playground. You can KO Pichu at ~60-80% because of how extremely light it is. (Lightest character in the game). Watch out for its up tilt and downthrow combos, avoid thunder.
  5. nessokman

    Up Smash can be used as an edge guarding tool

    I was trying it in bot games against Mario just to check. When Ness is charging his up smash, his Yo-Yo will actually hang off the ledge. If you place yourself just right, you can catch people as they try to recover. It will hit them over and over with a small amount of damage. During the time...
  6. nessokman

    General anime thread/Anime (and manga) New OP,Edits Coming Soon!

    It's been about 3,000 years since I last posted. I've only been keeping up with Ao No Exorcist and Attack On Titan. I need to catch up on saraph of the end, Magi, Tokyo Ghoul, and such. AoT's most recent chapter actually put the final nail in the coffin for me. I won't be reading any more.
  7. nessokman

    Post Patch And DLC Discoveries: Infinites, 0-Deaths, And More

    So what was that about Lucas being a poor man's ness?
  8. nessokman

    Only One Smash Game Will Finish On Sunday At Evo 2015

    Jesus Christ that long post. You literally just said you haven't even played the game. You can't get a feel for a game like smash by watching it, it isn't the same as playing it. Similarly I can't understand **** about league of legend when I watch people streaming it, but it makes sense when...
  9. nessokman

    Q&A OK desu ka? - Lucas Q&A Thread

    I can't play right now, so a quick question. Does the physics glitch recovery still work like brawl? Where you double jump, PK fire in the opposite direction you jump, and then down b for a speedy horizontal launch.
  10. nessokman

    Only One Smash Game Will Finish On Sunday At Evo 2015

    Smash 4 could very well exceed melee. It's faster and less floaty than brawl. It has official backing by nintendo, and it has it's fans. Sakurai never went out of his way for ****. He didn't get rid of anything. Techniques often don't very over between games, that's what makes new games...
  11. nessokman

    Only One Smash Game Will Finish On Sunday At Evo 2015

    It isn't the sm4sh fanbase's fault that Nintendo decided to back this game, why punish them for it. Congratulations! Your 14 year old game is at EVO, again. Smash 4 needs the floor, melee had its time to shine. No, even for its time it wasn't the best looking game. Star fox adventures, though...
  12. nessokman

    Only One Smash Game Will Finish On Sunday At Evo 2015

    Completely wrong. Melee was a rushed product, they didn't have time to make a masterpiece. Melee was an accident. It was never intended to be what it was. It isn't even a good looking game. Well made? If you think less is more. I personally think Smash 4 has more of a right to be main stage...
  13. nessokman

    General anime thread/Anime (and manga) New OP,Edits Coming Soon!

    I started rewatching angel Beats. It's not as good as I remember, but it it is still pleasant.
  14. nessokman

    First Footage of Roy and Ryu Found In Leak!

  15. nessokman

    General anime thread/Anime (and manga) New OP,Edits Coming Soon!

    Some of my favorite shonen- Magi (manga) a god tier masterpiece. There is literally nothing really wrong with it. Characters have been developed well, and the world building is amazing. The anime by A-1 pictures was bad and they should feel bad. Ao No Exorcist (manga)- pretty good shonen. It...
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