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Recent content by Nes

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    Occidental Weekly Friday Smashfests (CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

    I'll try to come to this upcoming one.
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    Super Awesome Happy Fun Time Tournament - Need set-ups! - May 5th, 2013 - Chatsworth, CA

    Gonna stop by most likely around 6:30 pm since I work. :/ Hopefully I can get some friendlies :phone:
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    Occidental Weekly Friday Smashfests (CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

    Will there be a smashfest this up coming friday? :phone:
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    818 smash

    When's the next one, Hector?
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    818 smash

    Hi khepri. :]
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    smashfest in the 818??

    I'm down for saturday. If you can pick me up Emily :]
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    818 smash

    I live near Van Nuys, also Wha when are you gonna host? :[
  9. N

    Smash in the Bank!!! An 818 Tournament.

    Miss you guys.:[
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    818 smash

    I miss Wha. :[
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    818 smash

    Jesson, was talking the smashfest I hosted. LOL
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