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Recent content by NeoAkira

  1. NeoAkira

    Best/Worst Stages for Sheik?

    FoD has clear-cut advantages for sheik, but I pretty much always default to Battlefield. The platforms make it far easier for me to hit my wavelands and it's easy to pressure from below the platforms with shffl fairs/uairs and utilt. In the end, whatever stage you practice on the most and feel...
  2. NeoAkira

    EVO 2015: Melee or Smash 4?

    Melee is in its "Platinum Age" and Smash 4 is only in its infancy. It only makes sense to keep including Melee since it's a huge crowd pleaser and decidedly already seen as a more competitive game than it's successors.
  3. NeoAkira

    [Sep 5, 2014] West Coast Warzone 4 (Orange, California)

    Thank you for your candid response John, that actually helps quite a bit.
  4. NeoAkira

    [Sep 5, 2014] West Coast Warzone 4 (Orange, California)

    $35 venue fee X 1088 entrants = $38k What exactly are we paying so much for?
  5. NeoAkira

    University of Southern California Presents: Game On 2

    I can't freaking wait for this!
  6. NeoAkira

    Smash in the Bank!!! An 818 Tournament.

    I might just be able to make this
  7. NeoAkira


  8. NeoAkira

    USC Smashers

    Anyone in or around the USC area whose down to smash?
  9. NeoAkira

    818 smash

    lol its supposed to rain through Wednesday. So I guess you're not coming?
  10. NeoAkira

    818 smash

    Yes, fiction is back. And thursday is ****ing random for a smashfest.
  11. NeoAkira

    *Pound* V: Why aren't you going to be there?

    lol why is school not a legit john for skipping a video game tournament?
  12. NeoAkira

    Dunk's Bday Tournament! *10/16/10* Bring food/set ups! Feat. Nor Cal & Project M!

    Gina's pizza? The one in the Albertson's shopping center? They have bombass sweet potato fries
  13. NeoAkira

    DJ Mirror & Azn Lep Presents: Arcadian II *Date Set: Oct. 2nd*

    I thought I 2 stocked you on dreamland then 1 stocked on pokemon. I could be wrong though, my head definitely wasn't thinking straight haha If you got those results though you definitely deserved to go ahead of me though. Good **** :D -Strain edit: daniel I think I've seen it both ways (# of...
  14. NeoAkira

    Dunk's Bday Tournament! *10/16/10* Bring food/set ups! Feat. Nor Cal & Project M!

    tl last post http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=265170&page=14
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