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    5 Kinds of Smashers You'll Most Likely Encounter

    Why the **** would you use Psybeam on a Caterpie? Bug resists psychic.
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    Issues with dexterity

    Well as far as Melee goes, stiff movement, long landing lag, and difficulty shffling are all common symptoms of playing Kirby. But seriously, if you've only been playing for a small amount of time, don't expect to suddenly be able to do all the cool stuff that the guys have been playing for...
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    Does anyone make actual combo, KO set ups, and edge-guard flow charts?

    I've been told that Marth chain grabs on spacies pretty much follow a flowchart, but that really more refers to the player's understanding of everything that can occur in that situation and how to react to it, rather than having drawn up an actual chart.
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    The importance of training your local scrubs

    I am a local scrub and I approve of being trained
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    Georgia Social Thread

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be moving into my dorm at Georgia Tech pretty soon, and I was wondering if there's any Melee players here on the Boards who also go there!
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    Anyone else notice any of their opinions change

    Honestly, I never really liked Melee until I tried playing it at a higher level. It is definitely unpolished and unbalanced as ****. But that's sort of the beauty of it. A better made game wouldn't be willing to let you have as much fun as Melee does.
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    Is Dash Attack on Shield a Good Option?

    I feel like any situation where you could go for a dash attack on shield you could just as easily keep dashing then do a JC grab. You probably shouldn't rely too much on a strategy if you're describing it as "in hopes that I will be able to go through them." Also, don't quote me on this, but I...
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    Are plasma TVs as good as CRTs?

    Plasma TVs are good. I know a guy who has one and he says it's pretty sweet.
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    Ideal Controller Positioning/Hold

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    Anyone in GA want to help a newcomer?

    If you're in the Atlanta area I could probably netplay with you pretty low lag.
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    Beginner question about Wavedashing

    Good uses of wavedashing: Wavedash backwards to grab the ledge. It's a little bit faster than jumping. Wavedash to dodge an attack. There are probably a lot of situations when you have been rolling when you could have been wavedashing. A wavedash is a less committal maneuver than a roll, so...
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    Could fox be banned

    Nah. It's not like when they banned Meta Knight. They did that because he made the game kinda boring. Fox just makes the game more interesting.
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    Melee or Smash 4?

    Dude, you can't even comprehend the magnitude of the ****storm you're entering by asking that question. I personally think that Melee is a lot deeper. There's a much higher skill ceiling, and you can definitely do much cooler stuff. But because of that it will happen frequently that a guy will...
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    Ultimate main

    Post all the ****posts. Stop having them not be posted.
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    Searching for the One

    Well, if you get an official one they're all pretty much the same except for the colors. The new ones that came out with Sm4sh are a little bit heavier and have longer cords. There's nothing objectively wrong with 3rd party controllers. They may be shaped a bit different, but they generally...