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    How to Shield Drop consistently during a match?

    Well, there is a slightly easier way to do it. When on a platform, you can try holding the control stick to the farthest left or right and then gently move down to the down-diagonal position. doing it this way helps you focus less on the distance from center to bottom and more on how fast you...
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    K9sbruce: The Future King Of Smash?

    Forgive them K9, for they do not understand yet...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Well, on the flip side, anything broken you discover about your character will be set in stone So... lab it up fellas lol.
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    'Wiichuck' Legality - Five Smash 4 Pros Who Use It Weigh In

    My very first brawl tournament I attended they banned wiichucks and all other wireless controllers. But of course I ignored that and showed up to the tournament anyway with my wiichuck, I mean who's gonna know? other than my opponent... I doubt the TOs are gonna hover over me waiting for me to...
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    Sure thing.

    Sure thing.
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    whats up dude. insane marth btw!

    whats up dude. insane marth btw!
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    Farthest Off Stage Back Air Possible

    My b. Fix'd
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    Farthest Off Stage Back Air Possible

    not a gif but it gets the concept across. You can travel much much farther offstage than that and still make it back.
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    To the Devs, from the Wiimote users...

    I agree that there should be debug mode and alternate stage support for other controllers, but I'd imagine that this isn't a priority for the PMDT atm since 90% of the community use gamecube controllers. If you truly and honestly feel as though you could never use another controller you may just...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    I actually don't play as often as you'd think. IMO Aion is the best / pulling the best results right now. The collective hours he has playing in tournaments is more than I have playing the game period lol.
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    3.5 Spinshot??

    yea the distance depends on the timing of your jump out of aerial spindash release. I wish I could explain it further in detail but unfortunately I don't have access to debug mode to show what they are and I can't do multiple distances consistently enough to record it.
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    3.5 Spinshot??

    You can go farther, yea. My spinshot was cut slightly shorter because of the momentum I was carrying from being hit.
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    3.5 Spinshot??

    lame quality but about 2 seconds in is the spinshot.
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    Top Players & Videos by Character v3.5

    There's a good chance you'll be seeing videos of Aion in the future, his sonic is pretty tight. I heard he took a set off of IPK, which sadly wasn't recorded (atleast I don't think). I live too far from my scene and their players to get footage.
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    Proposed Standardized Ruleset

    I enjoyed it too for the most part. The stage didn't really put either side at a disadvantage, though Zelda did have slightly more stage control, but I don't think it mattered because the stage is large enough to avoid all interaction anyway.
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