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  • Hey CQC, that's awesome for you. I'm going down to San Diego from this Wednesday to Saturday or Sunday. Tell me if there are any tournaments going on.

    Anyways, if you hear about any tournaments in San Diego from here on out(I'm going to be up here in Northridge an awful lot for these next 4ish years) tell me about them at least a couple days in advance. I'll take a train down to San Diego to visit my parents, and we can meet each other at the tournament. The tournament should be on a weekend though, as I have classes during the week.
    yo natch i did fine in the tourney,i did wut u said and i did friendlies intil my fingers bled.lol. my snake improved 1000% after meeting and getting ***** by other snakes.i lost my first set then beat the next guy then lost to the third guy i played.it was AWESOME to say the least
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