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Recent content by N.A.G.A.C.E

  1. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar general discussion

    While i feel oli's tether is pretty bad (shorter then it should be, doesnt grab when it looks like it should, pikim fall away from you when u get sent off stage) my biggest issue with his recovery is his neutral b doesnt get reset when hit. Look at someone like zss who every time she gets his...
  2. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Is this intentional; no booster reset from some ledge options.

    hopefully rob's tech speed/distance will be made better. really sucks when i fight a wario who can side b my techs on reaction or a fox who can up-smash my techs on reaction. Also maybe something to cover his blind spot would be nice and a slightly bigger shield, o and not complete trash rolls...
  3. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Smashboards Partners with The Big House 4, $500 Good Player Fund

    Where does someone make their case for money from the good players fund?
  4. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar general discussion

    So i didnt use olimar as much as i wanted b/c i was nervous about some mu's such as ness and diddy. but i did use him in friendlies and beat a snake in tourney. i didnt do great in pm but in my defense i stopped caring about pm once i got to gf in melee. So i just kinda played for fun so it...
  5. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar general discussion

    Going to a bigger smash tourney today going to use oli some but mostly likely wont go pure oli like yesterday. I will report how i do but a bit of a pre john i have trouble in tourneys when i play both pm and melee. I find it hard to switch between games so i might get bopped.
  6. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar general discussion

    well like i said it was a small toruney so i didnt get to fight to many different people and the competition was not the strongest. that being said i fought a ganon, ivy, tl, and a falco in tourney. The hardest match i played was against anti who happens to live close to the venue and showed up...
  7. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar general discussion

    I wanted to make a post about winning a small tourney with my day 2 olimar, but then I saw there was no where for me to post that made sense. So to rectify this problem here is a olimar general discussion thread. (all boards should have one).
  8. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Tier List Speculation

    why is olimar below ic's and jiggs on the combined tier list while he is tied with ic's in one and above then in the other and above jiggs in both? if its explained in the post my bad but tl;dr
  9. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Olimar Wish List: Ideas for the good captain for future patches

    So i finally got around to playing some olimar, and this pretty much perfectly points out and addresses all of the things I felt needed to be adjusted about the character. the only other thing i would add is the ability to save your pikmin you throw off the stage with fsmash, but that might be...
  10. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Q&A Unleashing a 2-D Horror - A Game and Watch Thread

    thanks for the replies, I will be sure to tell me friend these reasons and tell him to watch vids if he wants to see how to use g&w's upairs.
  11. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Q&A Unleashing a 2-D Horror - A Game and Watch Thread

    ok i will tell him, but for extra evidence who is a good g&w to show him a video of?
  12. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Q&A Unleashing a 2-D Horror - A Game and Watch Thread

    explain, or video evidence
  13. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Q&A Unleashing a 2-D Horror - A Game and Watch Thread

    a friend of mine wanted to know why they didnt make parachute g&w's up air and keep the fish bowl from brawl as his nair.
  14. N.A.G.A.C.E

    [v3.6] R.O.B. Community Matchup Chart + Discussion

    I would like to talk about the Link mu first. I personally feel this is one of R.O.B's worst mu. We get out camped, our air approach is shut down by boomerang and bombs, we can't stay is shield for long vs link's projectiles since we have a small shield and we cant try to roll through his stuff...
  15. N.A.G.A.C.E

    Data R.O.B's Frame Data - 3.02

    I can't agree with this while characters who are better then rob at keep-away and zoning also have far better oos options (such as link, snake, falco). I don't see a reason to purposely give rob these weaknesses in a game such as PM where most of the characters have far less obvious or...
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