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Recent content by mzink*

  1. mzink*


    Hey everyone. Haven't been a part of the smash community in quite some time, but I missed it and had made some great friends and memories so here I am ready to make some more! See ya around! :)
  2. mzink*

    The Food Disscusion

    I've never tasted egg plant, does it have a strong taste or bland taste?
  3. mzink*

    The Happy Thread

    I'm eating a 5 lb Hershey bar, it makes me happy.
  4. mzink*

    The Happy Thread

    I found 80 in a money clip on the ground outside a movie theater. I brought it to the front desk and they told me to just keep it. But then my friend who was with me somehow ended up taking it from me lol.
  5. mzink*

    Mass Effect series discussion

    I find that they sometimes shoot up into the ceiling and stay stuck there when I command them. I'll be thinking where the **** is Tali? And then I'll see her lower half dangling out of the ceiling. Also Garrus got stuck in the wall once and continued frantically firing into the wall for a while...
  6. mzink*

    Mass Effect series discussion

    Commander Shepard is such a jerk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy-eRfupYbA
  7. mzink*

    OBI WAN! How ya been??

    OBI WAN! How ya been??
  8. mzink*

    I'm currently overseas but I'm gona add you as a friend if that's cool so I can look you up when...

    I'm currently overseas but I'm gona add you as a friend if that's cool so I can look you up when I get back to the states. Definitely would like having some stuff made. Thanks.
  9. mzink*

    Mass Effect series discussion

    I didn't like Overlord, too creepy for me. And I was ticked at what they did to that guy. Lair of the Shadow Broker I thought was really good.
  10. mzink*

    Discover your favorite Pokemon

    Mine was pretty accurate except I did a few accidental clicks before I'd even seen the two pokemon being compared and the end result was the purple dog thing with the heavy jaw somehow getting put in my favorites, no way. But my favorite pokemon is Arcanine and it got that correct. The others...
  11. mzink*

    -Vudujin's Trophy Factory-

    Wow those look awesome, do you make any other video game characters or anything else?
  12. mzink*

    Mass Effect series discussion

    I don't think I've ever played through on insanity before. Maybe tried it for a few min once but a long time ago. I think the easiest class to use on normal difficulty is adept, made the boss battle ridiculously easy compared to my playthrough as a soldier. Sometimes having all those powers just...
  13. mzink*

    The Draw ALL The Pokemon Project

    Beautiful Fearow, great job. Lookin forward to the rest!
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