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    Question & thoughts about her side B

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that her side B has an item form? Like it doesn't even make sense, as to get this item form sheik has to get hit before it explodes. Even if that does happen and you hit then it just slides for like 3-4 units. It not even worth chasing after it as...
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    Official Banjo and Kazooie Strategy Guide

    Hey To the people that would like to Main Banjo & Kazooie there is a way to consistently grab the rear egg. Basically, you just a short hop into down B then a neutral air or grab while following the rear egg. Here is a video of me doing a few times...
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    Early Joker Frame Data (and other data)

    His Up b has a lower range of 7 mabye 8 units vertically under the edge, 5 mabye 6 units horizontally from the ledge and I can't seem to get it to activate more than 1 units above the ledge.
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    Buff Sheik!

    is it just me or does it feel that sheiks sweet spot on back air feels more powerful? It just might be me though.
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    Media Joker Combo Exhibition [With Inputs]

    Yes I agree with the Sheik and Greninja similarities as he very in your face but he has enough tools to make an opening, and his up air feels like theirs and his dash attack feels similar to sheiks forward smash, don't know the percents it kills so can't really say if it weaker but I would hope so.
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    How do you kill with this crappy character?

    I love her new changes it makes it possible to kill at like 100-150% more consistently (the 150 part is for heavys) Like easier to chain forward air into bouncing fish, and easier to do down tilt into short hop fast fall up-air to down/forward smash.
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    Buff Sheik!

    Honestly, in my opinion, any buff feels like they would ruin her combo game. Edit it looks like i was wrong...
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    Sheik Combo Thread

    So I felt like drag down up-air can combo into a lot due to the fact that it doesn't send off the top even at 999% and still land enemy right in front of Sheik. So I did a little testing but I'm sitting undecisive on how much di effect their landing place when you do a short hop into a fast fall...
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    Buff Sheik!

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