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  • Oh, well first off good games.

    I'm gonna have to decline that friend request though. It's not you, it's just that I'm kinda stringent about only keeping people I'm super well acquainted with on my friend list. Sorry about that...
    hey man this is dave shears the metaknight kid with ben. mass madness 10 over in framingham mass is july 12, next saturday. its $10 for singles and $10 for teams ($5 per person). wondering if you, paul, and buddah want to hit it up. itll be the best competition in new england so it will give you a chance to get used to highly competitive play, and see how your zair style fairs with the pros. most of the players are snakes which would give you some good practice.

    this is the thread if you want to check it out: http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=176143

    mass madness 9 results:
    1: Cort ($435.60) (Snake)
    2: PC Chris ($237.60) (Snake)
    3: Nuro ($118.80) (Snake)
    4: Jinx (Metaknight)
    5: Solid Jake (Snake)
    5: Darc (Snake)
    7: Vigilante *kid uses wario and donkey kong. i played him and beat him easily*
    7: Hayato *uses kirby and marth. pretty good, might be a challenge, but ive beaten him*
    9: Omega Blackmage
    9: Eve
    9: UnknownForce *metaknight and ROB, pretty good but not better than me so you should definately be able to take him*
    9: Reno

    ive beaten hayato, vigilante, and unkownforce, the other guys i havent played and should be good. cort and pc chris are really the only two that should be a problem if you play on your game.
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