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Recent content by MrMo

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    How to beat fox with DK

    As far as edgeguarding Fox: 1. Butt bump (under 100% ledge recovery) Fox's illusion and firefox to knock them back off the stage. This gives you time to follow-up with a b-air and/or up-b from the edge of the stage 2. Up-b Fox's firefox if they're below the ledge or far enough from the stage...
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    this helped tremendously, thank you.
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    Donkey duo: team strategy for double DK

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    Pivot Grab

    Yep. Another Milwaukee local plays DK like this and will KO characters like fox, falco, falcon and sheik at 0%. It's fun to watch: bair, pivot grab, up-cargo, headbutt, donkey punch
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    Pivot Grab

    Would someone explain the timing for DK's bair-pivot grab combo? I was told this is done by grabbing on the first frame of the pivot following a bair. This is a great set-up for an up-cargo combo, especially against slippery players. Thank you. Update: I worked out the timing at 1/4 speed. By...
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    How to Up+B Cancel Video and Discussion

    I know the name suggests otherwise, but regarding SHBAWD: do you wave-dash or air-dodge following a bair? I can do it both ways, but timing the wave-dash is harder for me. Comments? Suggestions? Thanks.
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    The Donkey Kong Finder Thread (categorised and Updated)

    mrmo DK Milwaukee, WI
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