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Recent content by mrguy321

  1. M

    encyclopedia of dodgeable moves with burning dropkick

    this is a list of all horizontal traveling projectiles and attacks that can be dodged when using a properly spaced burning dropkick. this list assumes the opponent's move was cast on the ground all star fox lazers pk fire thunder/elthunder charge shot samus missile razorleaf boomerang lloyd...
  2. M

    If I’m in Elite Smash how good am I?

    im 5 mil gsp with my character how is it possible im not in elite smash? is there a setting or something i need to activate?
  3. M

    Best mii brawler set?

    you lose a lot of options when you dont have shotput. its not a must have, but it provides more than the others. its not just for edge guarding. if that was the case, then i think mach punch would be a more viable pick, as you float when you activate it for the first time when in the air. i just...
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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    well it obviously doesnt, since the only times i lose are to either genuinly good players, or fluke projectile spammers/camper matches. very rarely are there any actual players this high up, just bots. and i have two characters the same gsp.
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    Q&A Quickplay and Battle Arena

    ok so i win about 5 matches in a row, and im as far as i can get without getting into elite smash for my character, which is 4.88 million. last time i checked elite for my character is 4.89. so i lose this next game because i sd twice, and it drop me down 50,000 gsp. through this 5 game win...
  6. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    ive never played splatoon, so no. i guess they can tone down the damage mulitplier, since no one really pays attention to any starts to max time your opponent is inked. they just play the game and get free damage from it.
  7. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    ink mechanic isnt something u really think about. u dont aim to ink ur opponents, ur moves just have inking properties, so u just deal more damage just from playing the game while not planning to ink them. i think its such a bland and OP mechanic that doesnt really fit the way inkling works
  8. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    ok, even if the characters i mentioned are apart of the "minority of serious players", what about characters that people play often that are in a much worse spot than inkling, like, half of the roster?
  9. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    why cant little mac feel better designed? what about the miis normals and specials and how watered down they feel compared to their counterparts? the miis dont feel finished. i hope sakurai has a lot more priority to make other character better designed than top tier characters
  10. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    my post was to the thread in general
  11. M

    Move adjustments or buffs

    buff? are you crazy? are u out of your mind? there are so many under performing characters, such as my own, that i would think it to be ludacris to even think about doing anything positive to an overwhelmingly performing character
  12. M

    Why is online in this game so bad?

    yo there so many babies that just camp the entire match or abuse their range and stall. god damn idiots dont know theyre all doing the exact same thing, so im a god at the match up, and u should too. theyre the scum of smash online gets so boring with so many camping babies. they even run for...
  13. M

    Sheik is male confirmed

    *too much detail on inappropriate talk*
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    uhhhhh burger

    uhhhhh burger
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