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    Survey #2

    1. sheik 2. Zss 3. Pikachu 4. Luigi 5. Fox 6. Sonic 7. Rosalina 8. Mario 9. Diddy kong 10. Ness 11. Villager 12. Yoshi 13. Metaknight 14. Falcon 15. Olimar Bottom 10 (no order) Jiggly puff Samus Zelda 3 miis Ganon Mewtwo Charizard Palutena
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    Social Spoon Sword Social

    I also had food poisoning yesterday from an undercooked hotdog served in the venue, threw up four times. I'm surprised I even beat anyone. My records with these players in sets are wayyy in my favor. Congrats to them beating or almost beating me in this state lmao Yeah! Lets point out when a...
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Yes I SD'd game 1 when I had a huge percent lead vs False. Then Game 2 was both last stock over 100% each, whoever grabbed won. It was Luigi vs Sheik both games. The SD was in top 32 bracket against a Hammer Sonic
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Thanks guys, I would've placed higher, maybe top 8 if I didn't SD game 1. I used the custom LONG side b and missfired in the center of smashville at 0% in the first 5 seconds of the match and instantly died. Rip unlucky 1/10 chance for that to happen. ty sakurai </3
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    Smash 4 Ver. 1.08 Patch Thread [MOVE TO NEW THREAD]

    Luigis dthrow has always scaled with percent. Not sure why people thought it was set knockback, I can still do all the same combos
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    Meta Knight Top Five Power Rankings:

    I wasn't nearly as good as I am now before Apex lol you can see a gradual increase better placings for me afterwards. My terms of skill as a player has dramatically increased since Apex. I was just okay before that.
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    Official Notable Players List (Aug '15): Luigi & ZSS

    MANY of my results havent been uploaded to smash boards and I have no idea why the TOs don't do it. My ranking should be up much higher on SB: I've beaten LarryLurr (DEHF) 3-1 in GF and taken 1st (113 man regional). 3-0d Xzax's diddy (prepatch) In GF and taken 1st, I'm 10-4 in sets vs k9, my...
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion Got 1st at a 113 person regional last Saturday, beat Leepuff in Winners Finals. and beat LarryLurr 3-1 in Grand Finals Set 1. Grand Finals was Luigi vs Sheik, and Larry was/is considered number one (Best Sheik and Fox) in Socal or West Coast...
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    Official The Lean Mean Green Machine - Luigi Gameplay Discussion

    Anyone else feel like fairs range has been reduced? I remember being able to string 3 fairs out of dthrow on villager at 0% Also it feels like there's less hit stun now when you down b gimp someone and they fall out underneath and can act faster and recover, like falcon. Looks like weak nAir...
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    Official The Lean Mean Green Machine - Luigi Gameplay Discussion

    Just so you guys know, Offstage Down b with minimal mashing b (slow descent) rhythm actually gimps Sheik at 0 percent. Due to Sheik's weight and being a fast faller, she gets caught in the cyclone w/o a lot of mashing and gets sent down below with hitstun. I've done it numerous times in...
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Ranked top 5 in SoCal now, goin all luigi. Many of My results haven't been uploaded to SB, but I've won tournaments and always get top 3 at every big tourney. Also 3-0d xzax in GF when he was Diddy Feels good man!
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    Social Luigi's Social Mansion

    Got 2nd at a local w/ 50 ppl Going to final battle tomorrow. Does anyone know how to beat campy Rosalumas? I forgot what I did to beat dabuz consistently. I know dthrow -> downb/upb works. but regarding being underneath her offstage when recovering...
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    Final Battle (January 17th)

    ye ill be there
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    [Jan 25, 2015] UGC Smash v2.4 (Smash 4 Wii U)! (Los Angeles, California)

    Anyone near Fullerton that can car-pool? I'll pitch in for gas!
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