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Recent content by Mr. Sun

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    No rough housing!

    No rough housing!
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    Louie's Notes-Olimar Q&A Thread!!

    is it recommended to avoid a lot of aerials when playing olimar?
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    Take It! Next Monthly August 10 Appleton, WI *Updates, see first post*

    Well, I'll probably go, although permission (and a ride) from my parents would ultimately decide. I have a friend who's really into Smash Bros., so he would want to come as well.
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    Take It! Next Monthly August 10 Appleton, WI *Updates, see first post*

    Is there any place in Wisconsin for smashers to have meetings to discuss things, learn techniques, practice, etc.? Somewhere near LaCrosse, preferably? (LaCrosse is right on the Minnesota Border in the southern part of Wisconsin)
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    Official "I need help with ___"

    Ah, L-canceling is too difficult. I guess I'll stick to being a smash n00b, then.
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    Official "Who is going to return?" topic

    I think all the copy characters should be taken out. Of course, Falco and Ganondorf are better than their counterparts, so they should stay.
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    Official "I need help with ___"

    Well, can all aerials be l-canceled? Edit:, or should all aerials be l-canceled?
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    Official "I need help with ___"

    Thanks, I'll try. What abut with other characters? Does everyone need to use it? And, how much does it help? If two people with relatively same skill levels played, would the l-canceler (or SHFFler) be noticeably better?
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    Official "I need help with ___"

    I really see no need in posting here, as I'm sure that hundreds of people post questions every day. Well, whilst browsing the internet, I came upon 'SHFFLing.' "Cool," I thought to myself "Another technique to master." Well, I wasn't that great. I spent an hour or so trying to get the...
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