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    Official 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Competitive Impressions

    I guess it depends on what your definition of pocket is but to me of a pocket character is someone that you don't put much time or effort into and hence pull it out of your pocket, how else am I suppose to interpret this when people call my cloud a "pocket cloud" and dabuz' olimar, komo's sonic...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Competitive Impressions

    I did get 2 stocked by Ranai on Lylat ( his cp ) but didn't the same happen to Komo at genesis? I still went 1-1 vs Ranai with Cloud and he is a god at that MU because of Komo It blows my mind how people still call my Cloud a pocket when -he's litterally my 2nd most played character -I beat...
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    Official 4BR Tier List v2.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Just so you know cloud is either my 2nd or 3rd most played character, so implying that it's a pocket cloud is quite frankly insulting. It's true that secondary clouds have had some success in the past, but not only are you ignoring the failed attempts from numerous "pocket clouds", you're also...
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    Smash Wii U BAM8 Donation Drive for International players

    Wait, what did I do D: ?
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    Social Link checked the thread. Wow! This is a nice thread!

    I'm only here to confirm that the MM was real. If you don't believe me, ask anyone else at sky's house. *flies away*
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    Important 4BR First Official Tier List Voting

    20: Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu 19: Mario, Rosalina & Luma, Sonic 18: Fox, Meta Knight, Diddy kong 17: Yoshi, Ness,Ryu, Cloud 16: Villager, Luigi, Peach, Mega Man, 15: Captain Falcon, Wario, Ike, R.O.B. , Bowser 14: Lucario, Toon Link, Greninja 13: Donkey Kong, Dark Pit, Pikmin & Olimar, 12...
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    Official Character Competitive Impressions - Tourneys, Tiers, Theories, Tactics

    I'm glad name searching is still a thing on SWF. So why are you basing matchups off of sets between top players. ''Dj jack beat esam!? mu is def not in pika's favor! '' ' '''False just beat 6wx'' that must mean the sonic match up isn' that bad! Now let me ask you the following. Why are you only...
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    Debunking the Sheik's dthrow to 50/50 setup: STOP AIRDODGING

    Double post cause I'm never on smashboards anyway so who cares. Ari, you have to run up slightly and upair at the PEAK of your jump. What's more important then that is knowing the specific percents it works at! You might not be doing it at the right percents. check out my sets vs vinnie on...
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    Debunking the Sheik's dthrow to 50/50 setup: STOP AIRDODGING

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    Debunking the Sheik's dthrow to 50/50 setup: STOP AIRDODGING

    Uhm someone linked me this and I just came here to say you guys are all wrong LOL. It's a 50/50 at CERTAIN percents ( usually 100-150, depending on rage and character weight ) If you try to jump and and I upair, then it will hit you before you jump away, REGARDLESS of DI. If you're not hitting...
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    Survey #2

    Sheik Pikachu Zss Luigi Diddy kong Rosalina Sonic Yoshi Mario Ness Ryu Fox Donkey kong Villager Metaknight Wario Megaman Ganondorf, Mii swordsman, Mii gunner, Samus, Charizard, Wii fit trainer, Link, Zelda, Palutena, Shulk, Dr mario, Mewtwo, Duck hunt, Jigglypuf, Mii brawler
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    Actually, we patched it on the tournament day so it was after the patch. Sheik just beats everyone in neutral over and over untill they make a mistake.
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    I lost a tournament I knew I could win. Help?

    Honestly I think he's leaning towards top tier, his down b + charge is actually pretty broken LOL
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