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Recent content by Mr.Jackpot

  1. Mr.Jackpot

    wut do happened I think of P:M

    it's l8 i'll make it brief da faq's been happening to the PM boards smashmods was chill as **** and that's how/why i joined the smash community. fastforward to todays GD board and its littered with /v/ level puketastic **** like "x community is not us and it must be because of yz...
  2. Mr.Jackpot

    Bar Wars - 10/26/2013 Results! (work in progress)

    Can whoever made the Bar Wars stream background (GIMR?) share a copy of the pic without the text/logos?
  3. Mr.Jackpot

    It's been over a year since my Gamecube broke.

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sacat=0&_nkw=super smash bros melee&_sop=15&_frs=1 15-30$ a disc. Think of it as a venue fee for life.
  4. Mr.Jackpot

    Production Values and the Smash Community

    So...anything still happening?
  5. Mr.Jackpot

    The Smash Brothers - Series Discussion

    Yeah, the descriptions still generally stand but it was a Improvisation vs Written analogy rather than a Classical vs Jazz. I guess that's just the terminology he used because it's easier for more people to understand because those are the genre's they're usually associated with.
  6. Mr.Jackpot

    Event - Apex 2015 Melee: Set You Want to See

    Chillin and Chu Dat vs current Elite 4 (PP/Mango/HBox/M2K)
  7. Mr.Jackpot

    What do the Melee Legends think of P:M?

    The shorthop input window would match but then the characters would leave the ground faster.
  8. Mr.Jackpot

    What do the Melee Legends think of P:M?

    One-frame physics delay in PM means that Melee is objectively more "responsive". You'll probably have to switch back once Dant and the coding wizards smooth it back out like Melee's physics.
  9. Mr.Jackpot

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Ya'll need Xenoblade OST and SSBM Space Jam
  10. Mr.Jackpot

    Bar Wars - (Melee & Project M) Chillin, Redd, Vist,... - October 26th, 2013 - Manassas, Virginia

    Can someone share that Jedi-Fox wallpaper in the stream background?
  11. Mr.Jackpot

    What would I need to do to turn my Wii into a P:M machine?

    When you install HBC you have the option to install BootMii, which is a GCC compatible menu which can take you straight to the Homebrew Channel and Gecko/PM if it detects a GCC and an SD card when you turn your Wii on, so no need to worry about that.
  12. Mr.Jackpot

    What would I need to do to turn my Wii into a P:M machine?

    Use SmashStack to install homebrew channel. Then run PM through Gecko through the homebrew channel, or install a custom Project M channel (there's on the the Project M customized content section of the fourm)
  13. Mr.Jackpot

    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Ya'll didn't like my Pichu joke
  14. Mr.Jackpot

    Social Melee Social Thread and stuff

    Depends on how good you want to get, they play similarly but Marth will get you much farther in the long term so try both and see which one you like better.
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