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Recent content by Mr.Chuy

  1. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    It's basically asking if you want to save the modifications which i'd say yes for it. Just curious what program are you using to create the gct file?
  2. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    The code i gave you is for ntsc brawl which it seems you're using via ISO through usb loader gx correct? You are adding all of the codes i gave right? If not that might be the problem
  3. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    Are the other codes working while the infinite jump isn't? Also kinda hard to tell but are you naming the new .gct file RSBE01? If not try that and see what happens
  4. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    Infinite Jumps (Must be on) [James0x57] C283CAA0 00000004 807900D8 80A30064 80A50020 80A5000C A8850002 5484103E 7CA2212E 00000000 Hacked by Y.S. For NTSC-J, ported by . Thank you for the support, Y.S.! P1 Infinite Jumps [James0x57] 48000000 805A9320 DE000000 80008180 14000004 00000001 E0000000...
  5. Mr.Chuy

    Need help with custom song titles

    If you're using that program to edit song titles i'd recommend using brawlbox instead as it's easier/more efficient Anyway by editing the info.pac the length of grey bar should change according to the length of the title. Is it being compressed into a small space and that what you're trying to...
  6. Mr.Chuy

    Two Questions: Stage Hazards and FitFigher.pac files

    1.For editing stage hazards view here and here for more information 2.Yes i believe that is the correct file to edit what/when sfx are played
  7. Mr.Chuy

    So much has changed....

    So much has changed....
  8. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    Yes it has I believe Kryal was going to get around to it before he quit working on brawlbox
  9. Mr.Chuy

    Official Code Q&A + Requests

    Beginners Guide to brawl hacking. It'll answer most of your question Basically everything but movie hacking, also i'd suggest reading the guide on place for things on the sd card
  10. Mr.Chuy

    Help with hacks PLEASE!

    1.What did you name the BRSTMS? 2.What was the hack? 3.Reword please? Having a hard time understanding that last question
  11. Mr.Chuy

    Riivolution Q&A and Help Thread

    Good it it's fixed thought right? :) I believe it's asking for characters/ stages to put in? Not sure myself XD Never used the thing myself :ohwell: Believe this is it 4A000000 90000000 1416A904 3D4CCCCD E0000000 80008000 If it doesn't work then use this stage pac You do have...
  12. Mr.Chuy

    Riivolution Q&A and Help Thread

    I'd suggest try using this program and see if it helps if you haven't already Try this <patch id="sfx"> <file external="/brawlmods/music/smashbros_sound.brsar" disc="/sound/smashbros_sound.brsar" />
  13. Mr.Chuy

    BrawlBox Q&A and Help Thread

    You're trying to do the stack smash method of loading P:M right? What are you trying to load the P:M with gecko os or riivolution? Also what instructions are you using to set up your sd card? Try re-importing the texture for the hair and change what type it is to something else
  14. Mr.Chuy

    Riivolution Q&A and Help Thread

    Yes if you not running any other mods like B+ If so put it in the folder with a mod (Ex. brawlmods/brawlplus/fighter/(character name) Mind posting it here? I think i know how i just need to make sure i'm not confusing with something else
  15. Mr.Chuy

    Riivolution Q&A and Help Thread

    Look in the xml file you're using for riivolution and it'll tell you where to place the file at
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