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Recent content by Mr Bushido

  1. Mr Bushido

    2016 Smash 64 Calendar

    I updated it slightly l o l
  2. Mr Bushido

    EGL X - The Next Big Tourney (November 13th, Toronto)

    fb page: https://www.facebook.com/events/440203436168291/ Confirmed attendees: - Bark Sanchez - Dark Horse - Fireblaster - Pidgezero_one - Revan - Shears - The Z - Wizzrobe - YBOMBB - More Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal players Players having expressed interest: - SuPeRbOoMfAn - KeroKeroppi -...
  3. Mr Bushido

    Isai Not Being At SSC

  4. Mr Bushido

    SSB 2015 Community Tier List

    im ok with this list een doe luigi > link
  5. Mr Bushido

    Keyboard adapter for N64

    Ay stfu *****
  6. Mr Bushido

    Super Smash Con 2015 Ruleset

    I do and what I want > what u want
  7. Mr Bushido

    [May 16, 2015] Beast of the East SSB64 Tournament - Win a trip to Los Angeles! (Nashua, NH)

    So this is the 16th and not the 26th right? I might show up with Revan
  8. Mr Bushido

    "Technical skill"

    >m2k not technical
  9. Mr Bushido

    How do you guys not lose your cool?

    The Flame King
  10. Mr Bushido

    Tier List Discussion as Apex's interesting top 8 is over

    Can we all agree Link Luigi & Ness belong in the bottom 3
  11. Mr Bushido

    [Serious] Tier list (order of characters only, Dreamland-based)

    I reported Mahie I'm also seeing a bunch of Samus in the bottom three/mario above puff, pls stop
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