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  • I somehow missed you getting accepted into your number 1 college. That's AWESOME! Congrats. :)
    I should be free to do it tomorrow at that time, my bad for not being here and getting your message. I'll probably be a little late, so let's say 7:30 CST (5:30 PST) then.
    So yesterday was the worst trip ever, so I'm only just getting back to you.

    I have class at 3 PST today, but anytime before or after that I'm free to play. Name the server when you reply =D
    Can't play today, I'm making the trip back to school now and I won't get my computer up until like 11. I'll let you know my class schedule for tomorrow later though.
    Now that I look back on my post in the tourney thread, I sounded like a prick, sorry.
    I hope to see you at 5ish
    Hope you get back soon, but enjoy dinner lol. Um just tell me the sever you would like to do this on.
    I am not worried about the wait, I know that you get your matches done, it just gives me more time to not have to worry about remembering when the battle is. Just PM me when you do figure it out.
    I am free to do do our match in the 5th gen tournament anytime today, tomorrow I'll be available after 5pm, and the rest off the week looks free. So if you have any times that are good for you, give me a message.
    I like that one more.
    It looks like it has a giant unibrow. Which is now what I'll think of you as whenever I think of you: a giant unibrow.
    Did I tell you that my laptop got a virus?
    I'm on my mom's which doesn't even have AIM. /:
    That sucks. I would talk to you about it but my mom doesn't have skype on her laptop. /:

    Hope you feel better soon.
    I thought it was his sister for a minute. Yeah, there were pop ups but somethings like the first kill at the bridge could've been made waaay scarier. Like, they just showed the ripper and then had him walk and then slowly run. It could've been scarier. And ew lol.

    I was disappoint overall.
    He was cute wasn't he? I actually looked him up when I got home. :p
    But yeah, that movie had zero scare factor. Some parts could've been made scarier. It was more of a comedic horror film.
    Here's the deal - I'm visiting colleges tomorrow from like 10:30-12:30, getting back at 1. Then there's some welcome party for distant relatives and I have no idea how long that lasts. I'll update as soon as I get more information.
    The one that was like... on Thursday? I went to bed.
    If there was one on Friday I wasn't informed and yesterday I was at a party.

    And Ghost types can't hurt normal. :mad: *uses foresight and hits you with an Egg Bomb*
    PM me your numberrrrr. If you're not going to get on AIM something has to happen. :mad:

    Ew AP classes. I've avoided those lol.

    Pretty much music that I could never put on there because like when you have an ipod card you have to prioritize what songs you're going to get because you only have a limited amount of money on it. So I just got things I never added even though they've been on my list forever. And I never get iPod cards anymore lol
    Oh right, you're a senior. LOSER. :p
    God, I don't like these games these teachers are playing by taking up all my time with all of this homework lol.

    Omg, so I added a bunch of free music to my iPod that I've been wanting on there foreverrrrrr. I was happy. :)

    Did you ever get a new phone?
    Yeah, hair cuts always look weird at first. Just give it time. I hate hair cuts. :d
    Oh, what a happy family.
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