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  • But crash boards was being crash boards. ;w;
    I'm scared to text you though...

    Omg, Congratz Moons!
    Hecks yea, ya should be excited!

    I'm sure you'll do great <3

    (I'd offer advice, but... Heck... I know nothing of interviews)
    Umm... Be yourself?

    [SPOILER]No seriously, just be yourself. They'll be clammoring to have ya in their school :P[/SPOILER]
    Kewl song.
    Also I don't know how to stream. ;w;
    But I kill monsters really fast with my attck L + adren2 + purple sharpness hammer build! >:3
    Fastest jho solo was 12:10 though (still room for improvement ;w; )

    Also I left megaman zero off that list. I was so good at that game and it's actually #2 on my list.

    Are you one of those vets from back in the day when it took 100000000000000000000000000000000000000.9 hrs to gain 1%? :3

    My Priest is from those times.
    I got em up to lvl 89, then quit xD

    Then stated to play again, when I found out that Wild Hunters were a thing. (I made a marskman instead tho... lul)

    I do have a wild hunter tho.
    With Jaira.

    He' fluffy :3
    Well... I suppose that isn't exactly accurate.

    I CAN play with you.
    I just won't be able to see very well, and will likely die a lot...

    (Backlight does not work)

    Yup. My two mains are a sniper (Xiroey) and a Priest (WolfyFlame)
    ...You have no idea how much I'd love that X.X

    Dumb laptop not working...
    No post is safe from my relentless blade :evil:

    [SPOILER]Thanks for everything Moons. I will <3[/SPOILER]
    1.Starfox and Monster hunter. (biggest fan of those things ever am a speedrun king on mh people also stalk me a lot. ;w; )
    2. Dark souls.
    3. Smash bro's
    4. LoZ games. (although Skyward sword sucked so bad IMO)
    5. CoD
    Ok. I don't know what to say though. ;w;

    Umm... ever heard of monster hunter?
    Thanks... <3
    That means a lot.

    I'm sorry I vented like that even though I just met you.
    [SPOILER]Well... tbh I just got done crying.[/SPOILER]
    I'm okay I guess.
    Anyways, I never seem to be there when you're streaming anymore lol. ;w;
    Feeling like... mega accomplished right now :D
    Took a while, but I finally managed to draw something <3

    [COLLAPSE="Hidden Message"]

    Charizard so cuddly x3
    *bear hugz* <3

    Hehe, I was ready for ya that time~


    I know not the ways of this art you speak of. But I shall offer my services wherever they're needed.

    What'cha need help with <3
    GL mate, I saw you take on the Shadow Temple in OoT a little while ago~
    You don't mess around. Haha xD

    (Of course, 50% of the time spent watching your stream was dedicated to admiring the awesome wallpaper. Seriously man. Get less awesome wallpaper. It's distracting :P)

    I shall take my leave now. My body cries out for sleep. Good Morning Night! <3


    Totally agreed. Cuddles are the best <33
    Haha, they are.
    Also, I haven't crashed yet.

    My body's sugar tollerance = "0" :laugh:

    (This may prove advantageous later)


    Yay hugs! <3

    Ooh! I am so sorry.
    Like... wow. Please forgive me if I offended you, that totally wasn't my intention.


    I don't know what to say really... I mean, you're a sweet person, you have excellent taste in video games, you like hugs, which is awesome, you're a fun person to to talk to...

    Are you really serious?

    [SPOILER]-time elapsed before I finally managed to hit "send": Undefinable-[/SPOILER]
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