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    Best Wario Players?

    Check out Mr. Pickle. He is pretty damn good. One of the best in Tennessee. I know there are a few 3.0 vids of him.
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    How do I effectively fight Wario?

    Nah his Side B is 100% unsafe on shield, so if you see the start up and can shield, do so. As far as the jumping tackle, any disjoint should stop that. Try throwing out a fair or something. Any good Wario will know how bad Side B actually is, so you'll mostly only see Side B come out as a combo...
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    Ice Climbers Skype Room

    Most skype groups don't even do voice chat. It's more like just a common chat room where everybody plays the same character and you can type to each other.
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    Ice Climbers Skype Room

    I just added you. Name is MookieFish :D
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    How do you make Nana not throw the opponent in a random direction?

    I think wavedash U-tilt -> F-air may work, but I'm a brand new IC player, so I'm still figuring stuff out. It seems like you only want to hand-off near a ledge just so you have followup or at least an edgeguard situation.
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    New Shoulder Bash Cancel tech!

    Damn :( Not that Wario needs anymore gimp potential anyway :P
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    Edge guarding tactic

    This is awesome man! Now I just have to perfect the infinite edge running.
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    New Shoulder Bash Cancel tech!

    Does anybody know if this is still available in 3.5? I just now saw this post and can't wait to get home to test it out!
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    Can you cancel moves as Wario?

    I'm not sure if it's necessarily edge-canceling, but if you bite from platform you can air-strafe to the center of the stage. It looks like edge-canceling, but I'm half ********, so I wouldn't know.
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    Wario's Matchups - Free discussion!

    For the Bowser matchup, get used to Bite -> Footstool -> Dair -> Whatever. Bowser is so fat and slow that you can just weave circles around him in the air, and since he relies on super armor and CCing, your Chomp should be getting some extra mileage. If you manage to get Bowser offstage and he...
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    Where to Start with Wario

    Crouch Cancel -> Dtilt -> Jump Cancel Grab is a favorite of mine. You can extend that into so many options such as: Fthrow for the kill or gimp Dthrow -> SB tech chase (worst case scenario you end up opposite him on stage) Dthrow -> DACUS tech chase (varies based on weight and percent) Bthrow ->...
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    Cold Shoulders: Ice Climbers Social Thread

    Hey guys, I'm looking to potentially pick up ICs as a secondary. What are the most important things to practice before playing with another person? I can do all of the general tech like wavedashing, wavelanding, L-cancelling, etc. I've messed around with desynchs a little bit and kind of have...
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    Ha Ha Ha! The Wario Social

    Anything from a few points of damage to a 0 to death.
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    Tier List Speculation

    Explain to me exactly how that isn't RNG because I seem to be confused....
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    Tier List Speculation

    Lol my first experience vs. a Luigi in tournament resulted in 2-1 him because of a random misfire on last stock. I'm less than a fan.
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