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Recent content by Montreal | PixiE

  1. Montreal | PixiE

    New Official Project+ v.2.29 Tier List Released

    Loving the list! Are you guys planning on finishing up Lyn? <3
  2. Montreal | PixiE

    Our Home and Native Land: Canadian Threats at Genesis 3

    why arent saying that Ally is from Québec :p Also Tarex is a good contender for best yoshi in canada as well :p
  3. Montreal | PixiE

    Canada [Aug 16, 2014] Time to Shine (Québec city)

    Project M: http://challonge.com/timetoshine/standings PM Doubles: http://challonge.com/TTSPMdoubles Melee: http://challonge.com/TTSmelee
  4. Montreal | PixiE

    [Feb 28, 2015] Smash T'ill You Crash 5 (STYC V) at Polybash XIV (Montreal, Quebec)

    I'll TO pokemon, the game will be ORAS, not XY... also I'll probably enter PM too :p
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