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Recent content by Monkley6

  1. Monkley6

    Q&A Confused Ape - Simple Q&A Thread (Read OP for FAQ)

    I'm enjoying DK sometimes so far and other times not, probably depending on matchup and playstyle of the opponent. Which brings me to my question: What are some of the bad or really annoying matchups for DK? I'm not looking for matchup ratios or anything extensive, just a general "These...
  2. Monkley6

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Something else to take note of (and someone correct me if I'm wrong), is that meteors & spikes done to grounded opponents appear to have more hitstun. It's not that they actually have more hitstun, as much as they suffer reduced knockback, so the end result isn't the same as *0.4*kb. I'm not...
  3. Monkley6

    Dolphin Online - Melee Netplay

    I seem to be stumped as well. So I followed the guide, try it and it doesn't run all that well. I assume the computer was the issue but it sounds like people are running this on computers that aren't-all-that-great so it has me wondering. It will claim I have 0 lag frames, and doesn't waver...
  4. Monkley6

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Is there any particularly good way to practice putting combos together? Having no one to practice against, I'd like to find a way to practice alone and get some more reward off of my punishes.
  5. Monkley6

    Smash Art Spotlight: JisuArt

    Coming from someone who doesn't purchase any art or anything, $30 sounds really cheap for art. Looking at it quick, it seems like quality stuff to me. Think about it like this: art is something you can hang on to and show off indefinitely. Dinner from a restaurant lasts only a few hours, and...
  6. Monkley6

    Q&A Ask the Princess: Peach FAQ and Q&A

    Any tips or advice on a projectile-happy Toon link? Bombs are the devil, when coupled with boomerangs and such.
  7. Monkley6

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    Wow... This is going to save me a lot of trouble. I thought it was just really finicky why people were not falling off after railing them at the edge. Based Reflex. Not sure where to look so I'll just ask here... What's the standard time to drop shield without any shield stun?
  8. Monkley6

    Q&A Ask the Princess: Peach FAQ and Q&A

    In brawl it was out frame 16-19 and canceled on 20. According to the frame data for her current iteration, it doesn't autocancel until frame 41. I'm used to being able to get away with really low fairs, or immediately landing afterwards but that is not such now :(
  9. Monkley6

    Q&A Ask the Princess: Peach FAQ and Q&A

    How are you guys using fair with float these days, are you taking the land lag, staying afloat with it, or just not committing to it? It hurts to see it lose it's godlike autocancel =(
  10. Monkley6

    Q&A How to Jump - Mario "Help Me" Q&A Thread

    Yeah, I found the guide, thanks. I did a little skimming but will read through when I get the time (read: patience). As far as frame data, just knowing the startup on things would be great. Eventually I'm interested in more extensive stuff, but really right now I'm just curious :) I miss having...
  11. Monkley6

    Q&A How to Jump - Mario "Help Me" Q&A Thread

    A guide is kind of what I'm looking for. I didn't realize SWF had a guides section these days, I was just looking for stickied posts. I'll check that out. Much appreciated. :upsidedown: Edit: Do we have any frame data yet, or is that still in the works?
  12. Monkley6

    Q&A How to Jump - Mario "Help Me" Q&A Thread

    So it looks like I'm about to relapse into Smash addiction, and I'm liking the way Mario feels so far. I didn't see any compendium styled threads so I'll ask here... Any good places to start for general Mario knowledge, strats, techs etc.?
  13. Monkley6

    Q&A Mechanics & Techniques Discussion

    This is the closest thing I can find to an FAQ/Q&A, so I'm just going to ask here. How intense is the affect of stale moves in this game? More significant than Brawl, or less, and do we have any numbers to go with them? Pure speculation is fine though. If there's a better place to ask this...
  14. Monkley6

    New Survival Mechanic In Smash 4 - "Vectoring"

    This may have been discussed somewhere in here... But I'm not reading through 200 posts just to find out... Anyway... When does "vectoring" occur? Is it like DI, when you get hit, and it's done, or does it actively affect your knockback/trajectory throughout the whole knockback of a move? I...
  15. Monkley6

    Pre-tourney rituals?

    Buy a sandwich at the variety store near my house. I eat half partway through the tourney, and the other half later on. That way I don't have to eat McDonalds or whatever other fast food is around the area, and I'm not hungry either. I also bring some aspirin with me usually too, in case of...
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