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  • hey modest the MKW group kinda needs some reworkings, adding new FCs to the list and such, so could ya do that. please and thank yous lol
    Hello can you or anyone add me to the Mario kart wii list my name is FOX91 and my mario kart wii FC is 2149-0642-2968
    Chapter 9 now,most of it would make a good episode for the anime.
    Snake hair Medusa type monsters & the lady who acts as a Math Teacher,whoa!
    Oh & more members for the MKWii group.Hope that new router is working for ya!
    To be honest,I'm at the 2nd chapter.
    I've started reading the preview of the manga from last month's Shonen Jump magazine then when I get the chance to,I'll read on.
    I'm about to continue right now,so it might be a good idea to wait till I'm there.

    EDIT:I meant the 3rd chapter.:dizzy:
    Hmm yeah,like other good animes(Naruto.Bleach & such)
    I've seen all 13 episode of the 1st series & thanks to that link you sent to Exia,I'm slowly reading the manga.Which important story arc was that?
    Hey,like your new avatar.:)
    The girl that have the power of ice from Rosario+Vampire.
    I know who she is & I've seen all of the anime of it,but it's not as good as the manga like you said (crappy) & was short.But there was some part of I thought was kinda cool.
    Its Train Heartnet from Black Cat. The anime is ok IMO but the manga is good xD Thats usually the case but for some reason I like the bleach anime more than manga........ I need to catch up >.>
    I enjoy melty blood but i quit for a while. i may have to try other 2D fighters but SF4 will most likely be my best (brawl is my favorite). I hope SF4 has good online but i doubt thats the case. I wish there was a new marvel vs capcom as well. I need to play as megaman since he's not in brawl :(
    Those were some pretty nice Guilty Gear fights. I wish i could participate but my area isnt that big on guilty gear (from what i hear) Im pretty good at it now but alot better at street fighter (any). Do you play any other 2D fighters ?
    Haha it's a secret Scarlet Weather Rhapsody tournament.

    Lots of people from the NeW clan play it now and I'm trying to get more people to play so I can have a tournament for it to coincide with KCWC 2.
    Hey,what's up?
    I haven't been on Brawl/MKWii much since I've gotten the last copy of Izuna 2 which is a pretty awesome game so far.:bigthumbu

    Cool,I could never find the 1st one in stores yet.
    I'm at the 3rd dungeon & I am getting whooped now,I'll keep on trying.
    Good thing I left extra weapons & items & money at the shop that keeps them for you.
    All right,that sound's cool.Hope to get on & see you there.
    I have people from New york,Chicago & California with small lags on it,so it should be all right.I've added you already so I won't forget.;)
    Thank you for your Brawl FC,here's my FC:

    Hope it don't get too bad on any of our matches.(Lag-wise).
    lol @ both profiles. yea thats true. im probably gunna stop taking smash seriously after esticle. that way i could play a bunch of other games that i havent played alot because of smash.
    Next week =( !? that sucks. That equals one more week with the sandbag. *sigh* He's such a noob XD
    I would like to test that theory aswell. I think i can do that tomorrow. im to tired now XD. also, i know it wasnt only for me ^^
    your giving wifi another chance just for ME ^.^ Your too kind. XD I have more wifi problems at close range aswell.I just play for fun so it doesnt bother me that much. ^^
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