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  • WTF enter... my message got eaten ;-;

    Anyways. Just local people. Don't expect people far oos. If we do get some people from near oos, then we were lucky. No cash, Metal reaper, Palpi, etc. Make sure to tell your friends just in case. : P
    Yo man. We are having a smashfest the 21st of Jan. It's short notice I know, there are details as to why. (Not my fault : P )

    If could possibly be a tourny if we have enough tv's. So just bring money just in case it turns into one. If not, oh well. Just play friendlies.

    : D
    Yeah we are trying Jan 22. (Far off we couldn't get dates in Dec)

    Let's hope we get it. : D
    Yeah no prob. Usually he has them pretty often. Theres also a tournie in nj happening on the 25th of june. ;o

    Btw, if someone leaves you a visitor message, they will expect you to message them on THEIR page. Just a heads up.
    i'll have to see but probably not cause i got AP tests all next week, thanks for letting me know though, maybe next time
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