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    Your Favorite Smash Moment

    My first dsmash with Peach. Oh God, have I abused it ever since.
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    Another generation?

    I'm 14... been playing for a few months, got most of the techskill stuff down. I just have no one to play with and no way to get to tournaments, so I can't really get better. PinkShinobi, where u at? :(
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    Things in melee you find hilarious

    Falco getting gimped. Nothing is better.
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    Best Smashers know when not to attack

    I can't help but think of
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    Is it worth it to use more than one main?

    I believe in quality over quantity. However, I'm like extremely ADD so I start getting bored/losing focus if I play one character for more than like two matches in a row, so I play about five characters.
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    Having fun with Melee.

    Falcon is my stress reliever. Nothing's more fun than trying stupid combos with him. Oh, and gimping Falco. Gimping Falco is satisfying as hell.
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    Evolution of the tier list

    Here's a smashwiki article
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    Just saying thanks

    I wish my parents were that cool. I've only gone to one tournament and it was a local which I had to bike to. I'm pretty sure I made it out of pools too but I had to leave because it started getting really dark out. Being 14 sucks.
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    In Between Matches

    I call my mommy and tell her how I'm doing.
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    Skyline college area

    I actually thought you were like 23, which you apparently are. I was thinking about what would happen when you and the other like five smashers got out of college. I kinda assumed you all would stay, since there's so much to do here. Like... eating yogurt at Yolo Berry.
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    Skyline college area

    Leaving Davis, Ericson? Don't tell me the only smasher in Davis is gonna be a 14 year old kid. :(
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    Coincidence or Probability?

    It seems no one has mentioned this yet, so... Isai = Joel OOOOOOHHH MY GAAAAAWWWWD
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    Yo Davis People

    I didn't, but I wish I could have. I seriously doubt my parents are going to drive me to Concord to play some smash. And asking if I could go with someone else (like any of you guys) would be begging for a lecture. So no, I didn't go. :(
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    Peach Philosophy

    I play Peach because my friends are as scrubby as you can get so they think she's crap and flip out when I win. Then she goes "oh did I win?" and it pisses them off more. Her taunt is also hilarious. And stitch faces. Oh, the stitch faces.
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    Yo Davis People

    Well add me on Facebook then. I'm not on that much but just send me a message whenever. Name's Marco Spud Gomez.
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