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Recent content by Mizar

  1. Mizar

    Dash Boost?

    Accidental jc grab? Can't think of anything else that might look like it.
  2. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    "U.S. & Canadian Orders Only." Well, ****.
  3. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Can you show me footage of someone getting out of jabreset on low% like in the vid? It requires SDI, instead of normal DI as Wolfy showed in the hax vs amsah match (though it even seemed like hax didn't even/had to DI there since he just got reset in midair and you don't really see a momentum...
  4. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    At 64% you basically get reset in midair. I don't think hax had to do anything to escape that one, it wasn't an SDI either. Do you have an example of low % escape? @Nakamaru Friend of mine is testing TAS C-stick DI but isn't getting different results from it then regular SDI/DI. With anything...
  5. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Why haven't I seen anyone use it before? Also the SDI is done without C-stick.
  6. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Guys, look at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-seVydg9hM&feature=youtu.be I was like: "wat"
  7. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    If you hold Z during your roll you won't grab but light shield as your roll ends. Pressing L or R lightly has more room for error I think. @ Nakamaru I wouldn't say its nice for mixups since you risk getting hit with marths swordtip and thus failing the edgeguard. Light shield back tilt is...
  8. Mizar

    What is your tag?

    PIK 10pik
  9. Mizar

    Social C. Falcon Social

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8VojtvkZtE&t=3m29s You gotta tilt your shield a bit back tho
  10. Mizar

    Scar talks Lean Melee [2012YotF]

    Can't wait to see you team with your boy scar at zenith
  11. Mizar

    Data Captain Falcon Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Beat me to it! EpicEasy will be mad at me for mixing it up for the millionth time. You're right, I meant hitlag, the time when you're frozen in the air in which you can SDI. Throws are just hitstun, non-DIable. I recall EpicEasy telling me that there's 1 or 2 throws in the game that do have...
  12. Mizar

    Data Captain Falcon Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Its just stun, hitstun you can SDI out of. You can't SDI throws.
  13. Mizar

    Data Captain Falcon Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Throws don't have hitstun. /splitting hairs
  14. Mizar

    Regression in skill?

    Yeah like, you didn't play for a while and was like "yo shielddrops are pretty ****" and then you could do shielddrops consistently. I recognize this though (without the dramatic increase of ****). Maybe you're just pushing yourself too hard. Try having more fun and relax.
  15. Mizar

    Please give me some tips for my Falcon (Updated 3-4-12)

    You are one smart mother****er. Or we're all just dumb. OT: All I can say is be careful with your Dair spacing and try to get more out of your grabs. I think techchasing is really important for falcon, especially vs falco. Once you're in his face, cling to it as long as your can.
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