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Recent content by Missile

  1. Missile

    SkillKeeper - TrueSkill™ Rankings Bookkeeper

    The new power ranking began in January 1st. The third tournament was in Jan. 23rd, decay is at 6 months regardless, lowered to 3 as of last week. The point deduction happened before the 23rd. It seems to happen every first tournament the player is absent to (whether there are consecutive...
  2. Missile

    SkillKeeper - TrueSkill™ Rankings Bookkeeper

    I can't find if it's been asked before, but does the program have some kind of hard-code built in that deducts points from a single tournament absence automatically, and then doesn't deduct any more points to consecutive absences? For example in my PR, using this program, I have players whose...
  3. Missile

    Team PMTV Announced!

    That's perfect. I'll be waiting for it!
  4. Missile

    Team PMTV Announced!

    Is there any way I could join this movement with my team? I'd like to expose content from somewhere other than the main land US. If anyone could answer this for me I'd greatly appreciate a PM.
  5. Missile

    SkillKeeper - TrueSkill™ Rankings Bookkeeper

    Great program. Very useful and easy to use! I have one question. How do I go about importing Challonge brackets from my subdomain? When I input my API key, it only adds tournaments from my account and not the subdomain ones as well. Did I miss something?
  6. Missile

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    Puerto Rico. Awesome!
  7. Missile

    The road to Paragon

    From experience: Losing weight is more easily achieved by eating MORE than you'd expect. It's more important to take care in WHAT you eat vs. how much. Don't eat just 3 times a day. Try to eat at least every 3 hours. Don't have full meals every three hours, instead try having them every 6. In...
  8. Missile

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    That's what this all started as. As I understand, 60:40 is +1 which is what the matchup feels like to me playing against my friend who's been a Ganon main (and is one of the best Ganons on the Island) for years. Obviously MK has the upper hand but it's a very volatile matchup is what I'm trying...
  9. Missile

    New 3.6 throw changes

    They're buffs from the Beta, but SLIGHT nerfs from the previous 3.5 version. With the increase in KBG, tipper u-smash is no longer guaranteed at kill % against a lot of the characters where this used to be the case. However at low % the "mixup" is still there and the throws are basically just...
  10. Missile

    Smash in Puerto Rico: Past, Present, Future

    Excellent article. Many noteworthy players mentioned and many more left out as a surprise to those who dare venture down into the Caribbean :) Hope to see you at First Attack! Great article Locuan!
  11. Missile

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    I'm sorry. I only recently started playing METAKNIGHT. I've been playing Melee since early 2008 and Project M since v. 2.1 when Ike's dash attack covered all of final destination (lol) MK isn't that old of a character either, so dismissing my opinion based on the fact that I said that I...
  12. Missile

    My problems with the Sheik Changes

    Based Umbreon delivers. Please add me to the skype chat. live:hiubin
  13. Missile

    MK Matchup's 3.6

    Then I must have no clue how that works. As I understood, even (50/50) is +0, +1 is 60/40 and +2 is 70/30 If that's not how it is then all of these 8 years of smash have been a lie.
  14. Missile

    MK 3.6 Videos

    A few videos from my 1-week Metaknight. First tournament I've played with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsHO2xORUKI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itZ9pBK7SAo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9-TWnlEQFo
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